Oral Histories

Lloyd M. Pierson

Lloyd Pierson

J. Down where the employee housing is now?

L. Yeah, they were fixing it up for the seasonal ranger. I said, “No, you’re not. This is going to go, enough of this.” We stripped it, got all of the appliances out of it. I went there one day and here was old Bervil Rose with the front-end loader. He was going to knock it down. I said, “No, let me do that. That’s my pleasure.” I got out and ran that loader into the wall, lifted the shack up, banged it down until it was a pile of rubble. We set fire to it. Pulled the frame out and pushed all the ash back into the basement hole. It’s gone.

J. No historical thing of Lloyd.

L. No history there. There are two of them down there on the street with the post office, where the old Seventh Day Adventist Church is now. Maybe the school district still has them. Let the teachers live in them. I don’t know. They used to have a garden out in front.

J. The Sego exhibit. Some of those houses they moved into town. Serena said, “Oh, yeah, there’s one of my houses.”

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