Oral Histories

Lloyd M. Pierson

Lloyd Pierson

Interviewed by: Jean McDowell December 2001 at Moab, Utah

Transcribed by Detta Dahl.



Jean (J.) Tell me about your family, your profession.

Lloyd (L.) I was born in 1920 in Toledo, Ohio because my Dad was there working at an auto plant, Willys-Overland or something like that. I only spent about three months there. I grew up in a little town in Illinois called Spring Valley, or as the local Italians called it “Spring-a-da-val.” It was an old coal mining town that by the time of the 20’s and 30’s when I was growing up, it was already dead. But there was one mine, number three, that was about three miles west of town that was still in operation.

My mother was of English and Cornish extraction. Her dad had been a miner and then he and his brothers went into the zinc mill in LaSalle, Illinois, six miles east of Spring Valley, where she grew up. My dad’s parents were Swedish. My great grandfather and grandfather were farmers but granddad got into the grocery business. Great granddad was kind of a religious fanatic. He started his own church in Princeton, Illinois, which is still going. It is sort of a missionary-type church. And that is the background that I came from.

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