Canyon Legacy - Archive

Long before the Museum’s Small Museum Big Stories initiative, the Canyon Legacy was launched to tell stories about the human and natural history of Canyon Country and the Four Corners region. Beginning in 1989 Museum directors, an Editorial Board, and a multitude of regional experts selected story topics and wrote, edited, and published well researched and highly readable stories about life on the Colorado Plateau.

Today, the Moab Museum is pleased to share digitized Canyon Legacy issues featuring articles about the geology, wildlife, people, and events of the region. In doing so, we acknowledge the dedication and resourcefulness of Museum staff and volunteers who made telling these stories a priority, often with limited resources. We’re grateful for their effort to keep these stories alive and vibrant, for even today we refer to articles in these 76 issues for new insights that expand our own storytelling ability.

The Museum will be exploring ways to re-envision the Canyon Legacy to meet current demand and future expectations. In the meantime, past issues of the Legacy are still available for purchase in print format, plus shipping and handling. Contact the Museum to place an order.


Canyon Legacy Number 1

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Survival through Time in Canyonlands

Spring 1989   |  Number 1


The Huntington Mountain Mammoth: The Last Holdout?
by Dr. David Gillette

So Hungry They Ate the Bark Off a Tree. . .
by Marilyn Martorano

The Power and the Glory: Shamanistic Arts of the Archaic Period
by Alan R. Schroedl

“At Last!” Why the Anasazi Left the Four Corners Region
by Kenneth Peterson

The History of the Moab Museum
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Canyon Legacy Number 2

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Moab Movie-Making, 1948-1989

Summer 1989  |  Number 2


Getting the Picture: Hollywood History from a Small Town in the West
by Bette Stanton

Movie Memories: George White
Interview by Yvonne Pierson

Moab’s Mark on Hollywood
by Jean Akens

On Location

Behind the Scenes: The Director
by Bette Stanton

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to. . .(Moab Remembers)
by Yvonne Pierson

Local Girl Gets “Bit” by Hollywood
by Yvonne Pierson

Recaptioned Hollywood Action
by Bruce Louthan

Canyon Legacy Number 3

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Twenty-fifth Anniversary
Canyonlands National Park 1964-1989

Fall 1989  |  Number 3


Canyonlands National Park Map

Early Trips in the Needles: An Idea Takes Shape
by Alan B. (Tug) Wilson

The First Canyonlands New Park Studies, 1959 and 1960
by Lloyd M. Pierson

A “Civilian” Perspective on the First Study Trip
by Frank Jensen

The Trouble with Bates
by David May

Through the Years: A Chronology of CNP Events
by Jean Akens

Here Today…Here Tomorrow
by Larry Frederick


Canyon Legacy Number 4

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Canyon Country Natural History

Winter 1989  |  Number 4


Maligned or Malignant, Tamarisk: The Plant We Love to Hate
By Dave May

The Return of the Desert Bighorn
By Jean Akens

Sensitive Resources of the Colorado Plateau

Peregrine Falcons
Endangered Fish
“Radioed” Rattlesnakes
The Black Footed Ferret and The Prairie Dog
Cryptogamic Soils
by Jean Akens and Dave May

Cisco Desert Antelope
by Joe Cresto

A Brief Look at the Recent Past
by Saxon Sharpe

Mammoths on the Colorado Plateau
by Larry Agenbroad




Canyon Legacy Number 5

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River History of the Colorado Plateau

Winter 1990  |  Number 5


John Wesley Powell’s Journal:  Colorado River Expedition, 1871-1872
by Don D. Fowler and Catherine S. Fowler

by Dave May

A Foolhardy Undertaking:  Utah’s Pioneer Steamboaters
by Roy Webb

Green River Crossings
by C. Gregory Crampton

Women on the River
by Angela Bautista

Commercial Outfitters
by Mitch Williams

John Wesley Powell Museum, Green River
by Jean Akens

Cataract Canyon Raft Station and Rescue Cache
by Dave Minor

A “Fish” Tale
by Saxon Sharp


Canyon Legacy Number 6

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Extinct Species of Canyon Country

Summer 1990 | Number 6


Tracking the Rise of Dinosaurs in Eastern Utah
by Martin Lockley

Utah’s Early Place in Paleontological History
by F.A. Barnes

The Long Walk Quarry: A New Horizon in Dinosaur Research
by Frank DeCourten

You Can Call Him “Al”: Allosaurus and the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry
by Richard M. Warnick

College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum

Late Ice Age Extinctions: Whodunit?
by Janet McVickar

Canyon Legacy Number 7

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Recent Archaeological Discoveries

Fall 1990 | Number 7


Archaeological Excavations along State Road 313 near Dead Horse Point, Utah
by Alan D. Reed

The Huntington Canyon Figurines: A Study of Ritual Context
by Jacki Montgomery

Anasazi Roads in Southeastern Utah
by Winston Hurst, Dale Davidson & Owen Severance

The Patterson Bundle: A Pre-Horse Ute Subsistence Kit?
by Bruce D. Louthan

Basket Maker Burden Basket
by Julie Howard

Orchard Pithouse
by Bruce D. Louthan

Packrats as Archaeologists’ Helpers
by Saxon Sharpe

Canyon Legacy Number 8

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:
A Regional History

Winter 1990 | Number 8


The Importance of Transportation Infrastructure in Southeastern Utah
by Sam Taylor

Utah Rails
by John Akens

Early Railroad Towns:

by B. J. Eardley

Thompson, Sego and Westwater
by Jean Akens

Roads, Bridges and Freighting
by Jean Akens

Reminiscences of a 15 Year Old Truck Driver
by Mitch Williams

Backcountry Roads: Using the Leftovers
by Ber Knight

Grand River Toll Road: (Utah 128)
by Keith Montgomery

by Angela Bautista and Kurt Balling


Canyon Legacy Number 9

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Explorers and Expeditions

Spring 1991 | Number 9


Early Explorations of Utah
by F.A. Barnes

The Old Trappers Trail through Eastern Utah
by James Knipmeyer

Journey to the Rio del Tizon
by F.A. Barnes

The Spanish Trail through Canyon Country
by Steve Madsen

Canyon Legacy Number 10

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Riches from the Land

Summer 1991 | Number 10           


Early Days of Uranium
by Howard W. Balsley

“Richest Town in the U.S.A.”
excerpts from 1956 McCall’s article by Elizabeth Pope

Personal Reflections:

Ed Smart, Miner (uranium)
by Jean Akens

A Family Affair (copper)
Memories (oil)
by Jeanne Smith and Michaelene Pendleton

A City on a Cushion of Salt and History of the Potash Industry
by Robert Norman

On Display

Update: Rivera’s 1765 Expedition
by F.A. Barnes

Canyon Legacy Number 11

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Ranching and Cowboys

Fall 1991 | Number 11


Cowboyin’: The Way It Was
   Remembrances of Lewis H. “Dude” Larsen
by Jean Akens

Cordova Canyon Ranch: The Story of the Cordova Family
by Jack Bickers

The Taylors: Five Generations of Ranching in Grand County
by Todd Campbell

Cowboy Poetry
by Lewis “Dude” Larsen and Frank Lemon

Bridging the Time Gap with Bill and Lillian Boulden
   Ranching in the Professor Valley Area, Circa 1930s – 1980s
by Jean Akens

Cattle Drives
by Terby Barnes

Of Cattle Rustling, Murder and Shoot-outs
   The Story of Louis B. Lockhart
by Jean Akens

Canyon Legacy Number 12

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Dreams and Schemes

Winter 1991 | Number 12


Papa’s Dream
by B. J. Eardley

Robert Brewster Stanton: The Man and His River
by Roy Webb

Valley City
by Jacki Montgomery and Jean Akens

Uranium Penny Stocks: Dream or Scheme?
by Jean Akens

by Michael D. Milligan

A Modern Day Mammoth Hunter
by Saxon Sharpe

Dreams to Live By
   An Interview with Roberta Ossana
by Angela Bautista


Canyon Legacy Number 13

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Geology of the Canyonlands

Spring 1992 | Number 13


An introduction to the Geology of the Colorado Plateau
by Mike Price

Upheaval Dome and Roberts Rift
by Fran Barnes

Monument Uplift

   Laccolithic Mountains

   Yes—Geologists Are Human

The Paradox of the Paradox Basin
by A. Lynn Jackson

Geology at a Snail’s Pace
by Saxon Sharpe

Permian Geology in the Canyonlands Province
by John Weisheit

Geology on Display
by Jean McDowell

Canyon Legacy Number 14

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Days of Discovery

Summer 1992 | Number 14


Trials and Discoveries in the Land of the “Come Back” Country
by Bette Larsen Stanton

“The Scrapbook”
by Maxine Newell

Uranium Days Legacy
A Pictorial Essay

Dan O’Laurie
by Jean Akens

The Road to Instant Wealth
by Dave May

The Arch Hunters
by Vicki B. Webster

Canyon Legacy Number 15

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The Law and the Lawless

Fall 1992 | Number 15


The Law:

The Problem with History
Sheriffs of Grand County (An Early History)     
by L.L. (Bish) Taylor

The Death of a Sheriff
by B.J. Eardley

The Last Day – The Murder of Dick Westwood/ Richard Dallin Westwood
by B.J. Eardley

John Billings Skewes
by Jean Akens

And The Lawless:

Regional Outlaws (list)

Tom Roach – Cowboy and Fast Gun
by Bette Larsen Stanton

Life in the Middle West
by J.T. Farrer, Sr.

And One Who Was Both:

The Life and Times of Bill Tibbetts
by Raymond M. Tibbetts, Cynthia Tibbetts Lyman and Jean Akens


Canyon Legacy Number 16

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Canyon Country Rock Art

Winter 1992 | Number 16


Seeing Spirits: Initial Identification of Representations of Shamans in Barrier Canyon Rock Art
by David Succec

Colorado – Green River – Prehistoric Pathway
by Steve Manning

Rock Art, Wall Paintings and Figurines of the Pueblo II – Pueblo III Period:
   Evidence of Anasazi and Fremont Interaction
by Sally J. Cole

Historic Signatures and Rock Images (photos)
by James H. Knipmeyer

Radiocarbon Dating of The All American Man
by Nancy J. Coulam

Desert Song (poem) and The Art in Rock Art: The Barrier Canyon Style


Canyon Legacy Number 17

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Spring 1993 | Number 17


Rattlesnake Ruin: The Question of Cannibalism and Violence in the Anasazi Culture
by Shane A. Baker

The “Letter” – Or Were the Powell Men Really Killed by Indians?
by Wesley P. Larsen

“FLPMA” and the Sagebrush Rebellion
by Jean Akens

The Amasa’s Back Chaining – “Murder on the Mountain”
by Vicki Barker

The Problem with History – Continued

A Response to The Law and the Lawless Issue

Canyon Legacy Number 18

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Place Names

Summer 1993 | Number 18


Origins of Names, Canyonlands Country
by Richard F. Negri

Some La Sal Mountains Place Names
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Place Names at Arches National Park
by Vicki B. Webster

Geologic Names of Sedimentary Units in Southeastern Utah
by Michael J. Price

Place Names along the Rivers in Utah’s Canyonlands
by John Weisheit


Canyon Legacy Number 19

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Civilian Conservation Corps

Fall/Winter 1993 | Number19


Genesis of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Original Depression Era “Jobs Bill”
by Bruce D. Louthan

A Tale of Four Camps

Dalton Wells CCC Camp
by Bruce D. Louthan

Medicinal Moments with the CCC
The Dry Valley CCC Camp
by Terby Barnes

Blanding CCC Camp
Interviews with Floyd Nielson and Frank Montella

The “Indian Creek Ripple”
Life in a CCC Camp
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Moab Japanese-American Isolation Center – The Dark Postlude in the History of Dalton Wells CCC Camp
by Bruce D. Louthan and Lloyd M. Pierson


Canyon Legacy Number 20

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Spring 1994 | Number 20


Archaeological Excavations at Shadow Shelter
by Alan D. Reed

Glaciers in the La Sal Mountains
by F.A. Barnes

Pollen in the Archaeological Records: How Much Can It Tell Us?
by Saxon E. Sharpe

Therapsids, Dinosaurs and Geology
by F.A. Barnes

Soil and Rock Causing Engineering Problems in Utah
by William E. Mulvey

“Ownership” Marks on Anasazi Ceramics
by Jean Akens

Canyon Legacy Number 21

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Historic Buildings

Summer 1994 | Number 21


Historic Structures in Moab through Four Generations
by Bette L. Stanton

Phantom of the Old Warehouse
by Bette L. Stanton

Star Hall
by Jean Akens

Angus Was a Fiddler
by B.J. Eardley

Old Hammond Store
by B.J. Eardley

“In Memory of the W.O.W.”
by B.J. Eardley

The Arthur Taylor Home
by B.J. Eardley and Jean Akens

When “Truth” Found a Home in Southeastern Utah
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Moab’s Historic Buildings
by Jean Akens

Gone but Not Forgotten
by Jean Akens

Hole ‘N the Rock Home
by Jean Akens

Canyon Legacy Number 22

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Fall/Winter 1994 | Number22


Indexing of the Canyon Legacy
by John Weisheit

Index of Issue #1-21
compiled by John Weisheit

King’s Toll Road (Highway 128) – a pictorial essay
from the files of John Weisheit

Photo Index

Navajo Chief Peokon
by Wesley P. Larsen

The Lost Inscriptions of the Kane Creek Road
by James M. Knipmeyer


Canyon Legacy Number 23

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Desert Ecology

Spring 1995 | Number 23


What Is a Desert?
by David Williams

Cryptobiotic Crusts
by Jayne Belnap

Adaptation to Life in the Desert
by Tara Williams

Endangered Plants of the Moab Area
by Joel Tuhy

Neotropical Migratory Birds
by Damian Fagan

The Life and Times of Desert Fishes
by Tom Chart

Land Degradation in the Arid West
by David Williams

Canyon Legacy Number 24

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Geologists of the Colorado Plateau

Summer 1995 | Number 24           


John Strong Newberry – Pioneer Colorado Plateau Geologist
by William L. Chenoweth

Grove Karl Gilbert – The Geologist’s Geologist
by John Weisheit

Major Clarence E. Dutton – Military Officer – Geologist
by William L. Chenoweth

Herbert E. Gregory’s Navajo Country Surveys
by Gary Topping

Sublime Stone – Grand Canyon Geology after Powell
by Earle Spamer

A Memorial to:
  William Lee Stokes
  Cornelius M. Molenaar
  Sherman A. Wengard
as cited

Canyon Legacy Number 25

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Literature of the Canyons

Winter 1995 | Number 25


The Conservationists

Wallace Stegner – Writer, Historian, Conservationist
by John Weisheit

Poem – Brought Forth
by John R. Graham

Edward Abbey – 1927 to 1989
by Lloyd Pierson

Poem – a Conversation with Ed Abbey
by Janet Lowe

The Historians

Frederick S. Dellenbaugh – On the Back of the Dragon
by James Page

Poem – In Hunter Canyon
by Janet Lowe

David Lavender – A Man of the West
by Andrea Brand

Frank Waters
by June Hall

Elzy J. Bird – Artist and Author
by Dick Negri

Poem – In Utah
by John Graham

Pearl Baker: Legend and the Lady
obituary by Barbara Ekker
editorial by Sam Taylor

Women Writers

Writing Their Hearts Out: Women Writing on the Colorado Plateau
by Janet Lowe

Western Writer

Zane Grey – Master Romance Storyteller of the West
by Kris Taylor

Poem – Spring with a Legend
by E. R. Russ Carter


Canyon Legacy Number 26

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The La Sal Mountains

Spring 1996 | Number 26


La Sal Mountains: Ute Indian Names
by Lloyd Pierson

The First Sawmill in the La Sal Mountains
by Billie and Harold Provonsha

Alice Hunt’s Archeological Survey of the La Sal Mountains
by John Weisheit

Slow Ascent of Conservation: The La Sals in the Century of Modernism
by José Knighton

The Battle of Pinhook Draw
by Rory Paul Tyler

Geology of the La Sal Mountains
by David Williams

Trees in the La Sal Mountains
by Raven Tennyson

Habitat and Wildlife Association
by Damian Fagan

Canyon Legacy Number 27

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Scott M. Matheson Wetlands Preserve: People and Place

Summer 1996 | Number 27           


Human History in a “Fairlyland”
by Andrea Brand

Purchasing the Land
by Chris Montague

Wallace Stegner

The Challenges of Managing a Wetlands
by Sue Bellagamba

Water in the Wetlands
by Dan Murphy

Personal Reflections
Damian Fagan, Carol Wells, Walter Williams, Ross Freeman, Raven Tennyson, Bruce Jager, Dick Westwood, Linda Whitham, Lucinda Wood, and Andy Nettell

Winter Solstice at the Moab Slough
by Terry Tempest Williams

Animals in the Preserve
by Nelson Boschen, Damian Fagan, and Raven Tennyson



Canyon Legacy Number 28

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Myth, Legend and Folklore

Winter 1996/1997 | Number28


Buffalo Soldiers Come to Spanish Valley
by Lloyd Pierson

Outlaw Cave or Counterfeit Cave? Take Your Pick!
by James Page

Matrimony Springs
by Kris Johnson

The River Witch
by Kris Johnson

Negro (Nigger) Bill
by Kris Johnson

Murder of Mellenthin
by Rory Tyler

The Goat Man
by Kris Johnson

UFO Sighting in 1917?
by Rory Tyler

Jumping-off Place
by James Walker

Hole ‘N the Rock
by Steven Davis


Canyon Legacy Number 29

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The Book Cliffs

Summer 1997 | Number 29           


Map of the Book Cliffs

The Topography and Morphology of the Book Cliffs
by John Weisheit

Map of the Cretaceous Outcrops in the Rocky Mountain Region

Book Mountains – Book Cliffs
by William Chenoweth

The Book Cliffs Conservation Initiative
by Utah State Division of Wildlife

Stories of the American Black Bear on the East Tavaputs Plateau
by JulieTolman with Craig White

A Book Cliffs Journal: The Summer of 1981
by Roy Webb

The Book Cliffs: The Mountains That Are Not Mountains
by Fran A. Barnes

Canyon Legacy Number 30

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Wings over Canyonlands

Fall 1997 | Number 30


Moabite Recalls Early Flight
by Maxine Newell

Remote Airstrip Specifications
by Jim Hurst

Early Flying in Grand County
by Dennis E. “Pete” Bird

Dairy Cattle
by Jim Hurst

Tex’s Style – An Interview with Tex McClatchey
by Jim Page

Rocket Launch!
by Janet Lowe

You’ll Never See It the Same Again
by Dan Murphy

Thirteen Arches
by Darla Martin

Sky Life
by Catherine Landis

Plane Crash Pot 
by Tom Taylor

by Connie Blaine

Helicopters and Filming – A Partial History
by Bego Gerhart

Responsible Aviation
by Gene Boyle

Air Affair ‘97
by Michele Carlucci

Exposure 30-09 Is Worth a Thousand Words
by Tom Corcoran, Jr.

A Chronology of Local Aviation Events

Canyon Legacy Number 31

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Building a Community

Winter 1997 | Number 31


J.N. Corbin: A Champion of Southeastern Utah
by J.W. Palmer and Merilyn Palmer Lisenby

Grand County Archives – 1937
by John Weisheit

Change at the Uranium Boom
by Pete Byrd

Boom and Bust
by Kris Johnson

Theatre 2000
by Paula Gerhardt

The Moab Garage Company
by James Page

Finding a Place for Books and People
by Kris Johnson

The Place Where Community Is Built
by Janet Lowe



Canyon Legacy Number 32

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Cataract Canyon

Spring 1998 | Number 32


Inscriptions in a Graveyard
by James H. Knipmeyer

U.S. Geological Survey – Diary of the Cataract Canyon Expedition – 1956
by George C. Simmons

Wilderness River Trail: The Eggert-Hatch Expedition
by Roy Webb

Serendipity: The Denis Julien Inscriptions of Cataract Canyon
by Douglas Carithers

One Hundred Explorers of the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon, 1869 to 1928
by John Weisheit

A Canyonlands Chronology
by John Weisheit


Canyon Legacy Number 33

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Childhood Memories

Fall 1998 | Number 33


Early Days of Moab:
Interview with Lydia Taylor Skewes
by Betty Tibbits Farrow

Growing Up on the Warner Farm:
Interview with Emma Peterson Walker
by Janice Gilliland

Excerpts from the Moab Story
by Otho Murphy

Moab Similes
collected in 1953 by Austin E. and Alta S. Fife
from Pearl Murphy Knight, Anne S. Chamberlain and Opal C. Howell

Memories of Growing Up in Moab, Utah
by Bill Meador

Legend of Latigo Gordon
by Jay W. Palmer

Second Settlement of Castle Valley
by Kristin Johnson

Canyon Legacy Number 34

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Ever-Changing Landscape:
Arches National Park

Winter 1998 | Number 34


The Story of Arches National Park
by Lisa Church

Making Sensible Boundaries: The Lost Spring Expansion of Arches
by Rep. Chris Cannon

Falling Arches – Geology in Action
by Diane Allen

The Geology of Arches – More than Just Arches
by Tamsin McCormick

Dinosaurs Once Walked Here
by F.A. Barnes

Filming in Arches National Park’s Phenomenal Backdrops
by Kari Murphy

A Brief History of the Desert Bighorn Sheep in Arches National Park
by William B. Sloan

Free Utah Symphony Concerts in Devil’s Garden “Wowed” Crowds in the 1980’s

Excerpt from A Story of Life at Wolfe Ranch
by Maxine Newell

Place Names at Arches National Park
by Vicki B. Webster

Looking for Edward Abbey
by Janet Lowe

Remembering Bates E. Wilson (1912-1983)
by Lloyd M. Pierson

In Memory of Bates
by Anne Wilson


Canyon Legacy Number 35

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The San Rafael Swell

Spring 1999 | Number 35


A Key to the Geology of the San Rafael Group
by John Weisheit

Map Showing the Geologic Structure of Southeastern Utah
by Arthur A. Baker

A Tour of the San Rafael Swell
by Jeanette Evans

Where Goblins Sleep
by heidi E. blankenship

Paleo-Indian and Desert Archaic Cultures around the San Rafael Swell
by Jani Roper

A San Rafael Swell Chronology
by John Weisheit

Repeat Photography of the San Rafael River
by Earl Hindley

Place Names of the San Rafael Swell
by Dee Ann Finken

The Igneous Rocks of the San Rafael Swell
by James Gilluly

Graphics Pertaining to the San Rafael Swell
by Charles B. Hunt

An Oral History with Pearl Biddlecome-Baker

A Journal: Horsethief Trail, Robber’s Roost and the Dirty Devil River
by Otis “Dock” Marston

Canyon Legacy Number 36

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A Tribute to Bridges

Autumn 1999 | Number 36           


From Of Wind, Water, and Sand
by David Peterson

Bridges and Arches: What’s the Difference?
by Lisa Church

Early Dwellings – Horsecollar Ruin
by Jim Dougan

Natural Bridges – A Geologic Wonder
by Jim Dougan

Permian Root Traces from Natural Bridges National Monument
by Shawn Duffy

Observations of an Early Explorer: Excerpts from the Field Journals of W.B. Douglass
“I am Very Well and Still in Love with My Job”
by Chris Nickel

The Wonder Above – The Night Sky at Natural Bridges
by Jim Dougan

The Bridge that Stands Like a Rainbow
by Max King

From “The Great Race to Discover Rainbow Natural Bridge in 1909”
by Stephen C. Jett

Canyon Legacy Number 37

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Winter 1999 | Number 37


If the Rocks Speak, What Are They Saying?
by Michaelene Pendleton

The Importance of Oral Histories, or, Which End of a Cow Gets Up First?
by Richard Negri

Mail Routes through Southeast Utah
The Mail Rider
by Oliver W. Harris

Roll the Presses:
excerpts from the Centennial Issue of "The Times-Independent"

“May I Have Your Number, Please?”
an interview with Bud Corbin by Lisa Taylor, and excerpts by Jay Palmer

Broadcasting in the Bowl
by Dixie Barksdale

And Now, the News (an interview with Dee Tranter)
by Lisa Taylor

A Modern-Day Lifesaver: Avalanche Forecasting
by Dave Medara

Search & Rescue Gets New Tools
by Kent Green

Taking It to the Capitol
by Stephen Trimble and Terry Tempest Williams

Whoops. . .
by Lisa Taylor

Looking Ahead
by Lisa Taylor


Canyon Legacy Number 38

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Medical History

Spring 2000 | Number 38


Rawhide John: An Oral History of Doc Williams
transcribed by Michelle Reaume

Make Full Use of All Available Sunshine: Fighting the Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918
by Janet Lowe

Navajo Nation Hit Hard by Epidemic
A Medical March through Time: A Brief History of the Hospital, Doctors and Nurses Who Served Moab
by Paula Kelley, LPN

Air Life: Help from Helicopters
by Teresa Bagshaw

Sure Hands and Loving Hearts: The Story of Midwives in Canyon Country
by Molly Gates

Medicine Underfoot: Medicinal Plants of Canyon Country
compiled by Janet Lowe

In the Midst of Solitude: Dr. Thomas Barton and the Green River Clinic
by Kenneth Jenks, FA-C

Drama in Real Life: Rural Medical Emergencies
by August Brooks

Everybody in the Sight of God Is Worth Saving
by August Brooks

Birth at Hole in the Rock
by August Brooks

Canyon Legacy Number 39

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Birds of Canyon Country

Summer 2000 | Number 39           


Pueblo Bird Mythology
by Andrea Brand

The California Condor
by Gary Salamacha

Bald Eagles of Southeastern Utah
by Damian Fagan

Return of the Peregrine
by Rick Boretti

Utah Partners in Flight Avian Conservation Strategy
by Jim Parrish

Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Surveys in Canyonlands National Park
by Matthew Johnson and excerpted by Andrea Brand

The Joys of Birding
by Andrea Brand

Bird Stories
by Bruce Jager

Bird Homes
by Carol Wells


Canyon Legacy Number 40

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Anniversary Edition – Index 1989-2000

Fall 2000 | Number 40


A Word about the Index

List of the Canyon Legacy Issues 1-40

Author/Subject Index of the Canyon Legacy Issues 1-40

Once upon a Century
by Rusty Salmon

Photo Index of the Canyon Legacy Issues 1-40



Canyon Legacy Number 41

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Mountain Memoirs

Spring 2001 | Number 41


The True Story of Andy Swanson and His Garden of Eden
by Janie Bowthorpe

Some Climb Mountains for Pay
by Lloyd M. Pierson

The Value of the Forest to Moab
by George T. Powell

The La Sals

The Life and Times of Buckeye Reservoir
by Leigh Ann Hunt

The Hayden Survey in the La Sal Mountains
by William L. Chenoweth

Path to the La Sals: The Loop Road
by Karima Fouad

The Little Castle Valley Fight
by Rusty Salmon

Why Does the Eastern Border of Utah Have a Kink in It?
by William F. Case

My Memories of Herbert Stephen Day and Mary Mahettable Wilcox Day
excerpts from histories by George A. Day and Eli Day

Canyon Legacy Number 42

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The Uncompahgre Plateau

Summer 2001 | Number 42

Archaeological Investigations on the Uncompahgre Plateau at Glade Park
by H.M. Worthington, Robert Lister, Norton H. Nickerson and Ding Hou

The Uncompahgre and the Fur Trade
by James H. Knipmeyer

Ruby Canyon: The Railroad Trough and a Brief History
by Bill Wolverton

The Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Railroad across Grand County
by Lloyd M. Pierson and Lyle E. Jamison

Raymond C. Seitz: Testimony from the Colorado River Case in 1929
by John Weisheit

Westwater’s Violent Beginnings
by Michael Milligan

Colorado River Sites
by Michael Milligan

Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area and Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Act
a BLM web page report

Colorado National Monument
an NPS web page report

Canyon Legacy Number 43

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Murder and Mayhem

Fall/Winter 2001 | Number 43 

The Misfortunes of John E. Brown
by Jay W. Palmer

Was It Just Another Murder? Who Was Joe Pace?
by Karima Fouad

The Unwritten Law
by Rusty Salmon

Joe Walker’s Last Ride
by Arthur Ballard

The Moab Bank Robbery
by Jim Murray

2001 Index

The Ringling Runaround
Cashin’ in His Chips at the Cashin Mine
by Howard Greager

Death and Disappearance at Dead Horse Point
by Vicki Barker

Joe Bush, U.S. Marshal
by Frank Silvey

Current Lawa Enforcement – Grand County Sheriff’s Office
by Sheriff Jim Nyland

The Turnbow Tragedy
by James L. Walker


Canyon Legacy Number 44

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The River – Lifeblood or Barrier?

Spring 2002 | Number 44


Elwyn Blake’s Colorado Expeditions
by Richard Westwood

The Dewey Bridge

The Dewey Years
excerpts from the diary of Martha A. Wilcox Westwood Foy

The Canyon King 
by F.A. Barnes

Why the Grand River Is No Longer “Grand”

“Bridging” History

Tamarisk Revisited
by E.C. Hindley, J.E. Bowns, E.R. Scherick, P. Curtis and J. Forrest

Crossing the Green at Green River, Utah
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Biggest Ride in Cataracts: The Story of Dark Canyon Rapid
by Roy Webb

The Hyde Scow on the Colorado, Taken from letters and diary by Glen R. Hyde and Bessie Haley Hyde
by Jeanne Hyde and Brad Dimock

Canyon Legacy Number 45

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Trails to Town – The Cattlemen and Women of Southeastern Utah

Summer 2002 | Number 45           

Henry Goodman: Moab’s Forgotten Icon
by Dick Dalrymple

The LC Cattle Company: A Cow Outfit Plagued with Disasters
by Jay Palmer

V.P. Martin: A Multifaceted Man
by Jay Palmer and Merilyn Palmer Lisenby

Legends Lost, Women of the Utah – Colorado Border Country
by Bette Stanton

The Cunningham Ranch
by Bill Cunningham

Robbers Roost
by Gayemarie Ekker

Red Cliffs: The New Face of the Ranch
interview with Colin Fryer

Canyon Legacy Number 46

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Growing Up in Grand County

Fall/Winter 2002 | Number46        

The Quigleys    
by L. Glen Quigley

Growing up with the Goodmans
by Marjorie Lou Christensen Peacock

Good Old Days
by Dale Irish

Moab in the 60s
by Kent Dalton

Index 2002

At the Rink
by Monette Tangren Clark

The War Effort
by Verlyn Westwood

A Picnic at Dewey
by Verlyn Westwood

Skating at the Moab Rink – A Girl’s Account
by Monette Tangren Clark

Remembering Rinks
by Monette Tangren Clark

Home, Sweet Moab
by Leslie Purcell Phillips


Canyon Legacy Number 47

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Rugged Roads

Spring 2003 | Number 47           

The Salt Lake Wagon Road across Grand County
by Lloyd M. Pierson

When Was Moab “Moab?”  
by James H. Knipmeyer

Climb to the Clouds: The Road to Miners Basin
by Rusty Salmon

Roads and Transportation
by Terby Barnes

The Midland Trail
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Reading the Roads
by Ber Knight

The Old Dead Horse Point Road and Side Trails
by Jack Bickers

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Those Early Roads!
by Jack West

The Grand County RS 2477 GPS Project, or …What We Learned about Grand County in 100,000 Miles
by Dave Vaughn

Flat Pass – Moab, Utah
by Sunny Isaacs

Canyon Legacy Number 48

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Native American Neighbors

Summer 2003 | Number 48           

The Pre-History of the Navajo
by Jay W. Palmer

More Than Meets the Eye
by Larry Cesspooch, Ute storyteller

The Paiute Tribe of Utah
by Lora E. Tom

A Gesture of Kinship, Notes and Insight
by Bruce Hucko

Old San Juan and Native American Slavery
by Jay W. Palmer

The San Juan Band of the Southern Paiute
an informational review

The Navajos of Utah: A Review of Three Books by Dr. Robert S. McPherson
by Irvin H. Bromall, Ph.D.

Canyon Legacy Number 49

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The Eye of the Beholder – Our Visual Artists

Fall/Winter 2003 | Number 49

Jerry Ehlers, Muralist
by Joanna Ehlers Dalton

The Art of the Teacher – Dwain Barker
by Vicki Barker

ViviAnn Rose, Artist of the Senses

Pete Plastow – Cowboy Artist Extraordinaire
by Rusty Salmon

Father and Son Duo Paint the Southwest Landscape
by Shirley Schnirel

2003 Index

Serena Supplee
by Robert Mitchell

A Portrait of Carol Delaney
by Tom Eyler

Tom Till, A Biography
by Marcy Till

David Eggeling: A Snapshot of an Emerging Professional Photographer
by Irv Bromall


Canyon Legacy Number 50

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Ghosts of Grand County, North & West

Spring 2004 | Number 50         

Valley City
by Jacki Montgomery and Jean Akens

Sego (1901 – 1955)
by R. Clayton Brough

Memories of Sego
by Betty Coccio Dalton

Relics of Bygone Days
by Jack Bickers

Webster City
by Rusty Salmon

by Terby Barnes

by Joanne Ekkers

Canyon Legacy Number 51

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Ghosts of Grand County, Northeast

Summer 2004 | Number 51           

Crystal Carbon, Utah: Ghost Town in Black
by Lloyd M. Pierson and Bruce D. Louthan

Westwater: I Guess Some Died
by Mike Milligan

The Coates Creek School
by Verlyn Westwood

Some Remembrances of Picture Gallery and Cisco
by Vonna Foy Dalton

Relics of Days Gone By, Part 2
by Jack Bickers

Marrs and Danish Flats
by Rusty Salmon

Memories of Cisco
by Mary Cowger Hepperle

by Robert Mitchell

Yellow Cat Camp
by Lee Bennett

Canyon Legacy Number 52

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Ghosts of Grand County, Southeast

Fall/Winter 2004 | Number 52           

Richardson, Utah: Community in Isolation – the Early Years
by Lloyd Pierson

The Martins in Castle Valley and Surrounding Areas
by Rosanne Martin Lewis

Castleton: Turn-of-the-Century Boom Town
by Rusty Salmon

Index 2004

Sid Pace’s Memoirs
by Sid Pace

Graves & Ghosts: The Outlying Cemeteries
by Rusty Salmon

Miners Basin, a Ghost Town of Grand County
by Sena Hauer


Canyon Legacy Number 53

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The Old Spanish Trail

Spring 2005 | Number 53

Hello from the OSTA President
by Reba Wells Grandrud

Old Spanish Trail Association Originated with Grass Roots Historians
By Patricia Joy Richmond

The Old Spanish Trail: Southern Branch, Colorado State Line to Green River
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Regarding the Roads Not Taken: The 1775 and 1776 Letters of Fr. Silvestre Velez de Escalante and Fr. Francisco Garcés
by Jim Byrkit

Natural and Cultural History of the Old Spanish Trail
by Douglas M. Knudson

Explorers, Military Men and Map Makers on the North Branch of the Old Spanish Trail
by William L. Chenoweth

Spanish Bottom
by Carol Corbett

North Branch of the Old Spanish Trail: The Trapper Variant
by Jack W. Nelson

Antonio Mario Armijo: Researching His Life
by John W. Robinson


Canyon Legacy Number 54

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Secrets of the Navajo Sandstone

Summer 2005 | Number 54           

The Fran Barnes Connection
by Terby Barnes

Paleogeography of the Navajo Sandstone, Colorado Plateau and Vicinity
by Ronald C. Blakey

Seasonal Patterns of Wind and Rain Recorded by the Navajo Sandstone
by David B. Loope and Clinton M. Rowe

The Navajo Sandstone Color Palette and Marvelous Marbles
by Marjorie A. Chan, William T. Parry, and Brenda Beitler

Navajo Sandstone – The Record of a Great Desert Sand Sea in Earth History
by Gary Kocurek

Life in a Utah Desert Pond, 185 Million Years, B.P.
by Len Eisenberg

On the Trail of Discovery
by Paul Ostapuk

Limestones within the Navajo Sandstone and Their Significance
by Todd Shipman and Judith Totman Parrish

The Navajo Sandstone and Its Fossil Vertebrates: More to Come?
by John R. Foster

Paleoecology of the Navajo Sandstone Interdune Deposits
by Nathan Wilkens and Jack Farmer

Enigmatic Dune Walkers from the Abyss: Some Thoughts on Water and Track Preservation in Ancient and Modern Deserts
by Martin Lockley

Canyon Legacy Number 55

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Yesterday’s Dinosaurs Today

Fall/Winter 2005 | Number 55

Diamond in the Rough
by Greg Gnesios

Gastonia burgei: An Armored Dinosauria from the Yellow Cat Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation of Eastern Utah
by Donald Burge

Bringing Dinosaur Skeletons to Life
by Robert Gaston and Jennifer Schellenbach

Index 2005

Why I Like Dinosaurs
by Bowen C. Murray

New Sauropod Dinosaur Specimens Found near Moab, Utah, and the Sauropod Fauna of the Morrison Formation
by John R. Foster

Dinosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation
by James I. Kirkland


Canyon Legacy Number 56

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Uranium! – Part 1

Spring 2006 | Number 56                       

Howard W. Balsley, Dean of Uranium Miners and Civic Leader of Moab
by Richard E. Westwood

My Old Man: The Uranium King, Part 1
by Mark Steen

Happy at Happy Jack
by Dorothy Rossignol

The Uranium Industry in Southeastern Utah
by William L. Chenoweth

Canyon Legacy Number 57

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Uranium! – Part 2

Summer 2006 | Number 57           

Charles Augustus Steen
Hall of Fame Induction

My Old Man: The Uranium King, Part 2
by Mark Steen

Uranium: 1956
author unknown

Life in an Atomic Energy Commission Camp in the ‘50s Revisited
by Nancy Dahl

An Interview with Jimmie Walker and James Tibbetts

My Times at the Uranium Reduction Company Mill
by Lewis A. Painter

Canyon Legacy Number 58

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Uranium! – Part 3

Fall/Winter 2006 | Number 58           

My Old Man: The Uranium King, Part 3
by Mark Steen

The Inside Story of the Uranium Reduction Company Mill
by Mark Steen

Index 2006

Maxine Newell’s Memories of the Boom Years
by Maxine Newell

Hot Rocks Make Big Waves: The Impact of the Uranium Boom on Moab, 1948-1957
by Amberly Knight

The Future of the Uranium Industry
by Buckley Jensen


Canyon Legacy Number 59

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Designs on the river. . .Stories of man’s efforts to harness and ride the Colorado

Spring 2007 | Number 59

Holding the Flow: The Investigation of dam sites on the Colorado River in Southeast Utah
by John Weisheit

Drought, Population Tax River’s Flows
by John Weisheit

A Brief History of the Bureau of Reclamation and Water Resources Development in the Western United States
by John Keys, Former Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation

River is Inspiration for Moab Artist
by Nick Eason

Hell to Pay: The Best Expedition of 1891 in Cataract Canyon
by Robert Sorgenfrei

The 1983 Flood: How the Glen Canyon Dam Held Up under the Impact Of Cavitation
by John Keys, Former Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation

Canyon Legacy Number 60

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Star Hall

Summer 2007 | Number 60           

Star Hall – and the Beginnings of Entertainment in Moab
by Steve Hawks

Hidden Treasures in Star Hall
by Jim Lindheim

What Happened When? A Chronology of Important Dates Relative to the Establishment of the Moab Area, 1686-1879
by Lloyd Pierson

Suspension Bridges That Once Spanned the Colorado and Dolores Rivers in Grand County
by Pat Gormley

Canyon Legacy Number 61

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The Old Mormon Church

Autumn 2007 | Number 61

The Old Church and How It Became the Moab Arts and Recreation Center
by Janet Lowe

The Hollywood’s Stuntmen’s Hall of Fame and Its Chapter of History in the Old Mormon Church
by Sena Hauer

Home-Grown Currency at Moab’s First National Bank
by Rusty Salmon and Peter Huntoon

Old Rocky: Unraveling the Mysteries of a Soldier
by James H. Knipmeyer

Early Art of the Grand River
by Sena Hauer

The Green River Overlooks of Grand County
by Jack Bickers


Canyon Legacy Number 62

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From School to City Hall

Spring 2008 | Number 62         

From School to City Hall: The Life of an Old School and How It Has Become the Jewel of City Center
by Janet Buckingham

Spanish Bottom
by Pearl Baker

The Dollhouse: Looking down the Lens of the Late Fran Barnes’ Camera Into a Maze within The Maze
by Fran Barnes

Waterhole Flats Road
by Fran Barnes

Fran and Terby Barnes; Their Legacy of Guiding People through the Beauty of Canyon Country

The Desert’s White Cloak
by Fran Barnes


Canyon Legacy Number 63

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Unraveling an Artistic Mystery

Summer 2008 | Number 63

Taken by Surprise: Gardner’s Report on the Peter’s Canyon Ambush
by Lloyd Pierson

One Road, Two Highways: U.S. 50 and 6 across Grand County, Utah
by Lloyd Pierson

The Lost Grand Canyon Painting of S.N. Carvalho
by Dove Menkes

The Historic Dewey Bridge – Consumed by Flames
by Ron Georg



Canyon Legacy Number 64

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1957 – 2008 50th Anniversary Edition

Fall/Winter 2008 | Number 64        

The Moab Museum 1957-1988
originally written in 1989 by Lloyd M. Pierson

Billie Provonsha: My Years as the Curator of the Moab Museum

Virginia Fossey, Heart and Soul of the Museum of Moab

Museum History, 1976 – 1989
by Lloyd M. Pierson

Moab’s Land & People – Both Wonderful & Interesting to Work With
by Jean McDowell

Grand County – Great Place, Grand Years
by Rusty Salmon

Jackie Bierscheid Wheeler

Eleanor Inskip

Looking Forward to the Past
by Travis Schenck

From the Prez
Lew Painter, Lois Jamison, Pete Plastow, John Weisheit, Tom Stengel, Detta Dahl, Jim Tharp, Nick Eason


Canyon Legacy Number 65

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The Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Summer 2009 | Number 65           

The Life and Parentage of George and Blanch Sperry Standifird

Moab’s First Mormon Church – The History of the First LDS Church Building and the Local Chapter of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers
by Betty Wimmer

The History of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers – The First 25 Years

Organizational Structure of the DUP

DUP Membership Requirements

Visit the Pioneer Memorial Museum

Index of Canyon Legacy issues #59 to #62

Canyon Legacy Number 66

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Seeking the Summits

Fall 2009 | Number 66

Editorial: Seeking the Summits Issue

How It’s Done

A History of Desert Rock Climbing
by Sam Lightner, Jr.

An Interview with Eric Bjornstad
The Big Question


Canyon Legacy Number 67

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The Moab Valley Fire Department – A History of Volunteerism in Grand County

Spring 2010 | Number 67           


The Turkey Vulture – Master of the Sky
by Marcy Hafner

Christmas Bird Count – Keeping Track of Our Feathered Friends

The Moab Fire Department – A History of Volunteers
by Bill Hines

An Inside Look at the Moab Fire Department

Troy Black: A Chief with Grit and Passion

Castle Valley FD Over the Years
by Ron Drake

Q & A with Chief Corky

A Visit with Izzy – An Interview with Fire Commissioner Izzy Nelson

The Doxol Fire: A Nightmare for the Community of Moab
by Jim Stiles

Fire Department Enjoys New Station House

The Canyon King – A Sternwheel Dream on the Colorado
by F.A. Barnes

End of an Era for the ‘King
by Jen Jackson

McClatchy: Old-School River Guide
by Stina Sieg

The ‘Deseret First Book’: Early Primer on the English Language
by Travis Schenck

Canyon Legacy Number 68

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Helen M. Knight – An Educator Who Made an Impact

Summer 2010 | Number 68

Moab’s Original Goatman – The Artist Who Created Moab’s King of the World
by Duane Wimmer

Relocation Rock Art – A Moving Experience
by Vicki Barker (from the March 2010 Moab Happenings)

Museum Patron John Urbanek Dies

Urbanek: Moab Topographer – a Man of Many Talents and Qualities
by Terby Barnes

HMK School Ends an Era – Old School to Be Torn Down as New Facilities Are Built; New Energy-Efficient Buildings to Open in the Fall
by Jen Jackson

HMK Faced Modern Challenges in an Aging Facility
by Ron Georg

Helen M. Knight: Utah’s First Female Superintendent of Schools

Memories from Helen M. Knight – ‘School’s Out’
by Helen M. Knight

They Called Her Helen M.
from the September 1991 edition of The Canyon Country Zephyr
by B.J. Eardley

Museum Guardian Virginia Fossey Dies

From a Fire, The Future: A History of the Grand County Public Library
by Travis Schenck

Community Book Drive Re-stocks Materials Lost in Fire
from the Jan. 15, 1915 Grand Valley Times

Historic Library Bows to Flames
from the May 18, 1967 Moab Times-Independent

Today’s Library Enjoys National Recognition and Community Support
by Jen Jackson, Canyon Legacy Editor

A Visit with Library Director Carrie Valdes

2009 Stats at a Glance

Seekhaven Marks 20 Years of Service to Moab
by Jaylyn Hawks

Stories are Proof of Seekhaven’s Success

Moab Baptist Church Built in 1917


Canyon Legacy Number 69

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The Naming of Chesler Park – Its Origins and Snowfall Records

Winter 2010/11 | Number 69           

The Origins of Chesler Park: Determining Late 19th Century Snowfall
Records and Occupations of Inscription Writers in Canyonlands N.P.
by Clyde L. Denis

Freighting on the Colorado: Reminiscences of Virgil Fay Baldwin
by Barbara Baldwin Ekker

The Life of Virgil Fay Baldwin
by Barbara Baldwin Ekker

Moab Garage Company Equipped for Business
from the February 2, 1917 Grand Valley Times

The Way Sam Remembers It
by Sam Taylor – from the June 8, 2005 Moab Times-Independent

Nearly Forgotten Boomtowns – Stories of Forage and Fortune in the Search for Riches – Silver Reef, Utah: A Bustling and Bawdy Boomtown of the Late 1800s
by Tyler Quintano

The News from Silver Reef

Legends, Lore and Lives Ruined: The Story of Gold in the Henry Mountains
by Jen Jackson

Coal Mining Town of Sego: Gone but Not Forgotten
by Jeff Richards

The Mountain Town of Miners Basin
by Jeff Richards

Highlights from the Collections of the Museum of Moab
by Travis Schenck

Canyon Legacy Number 70

Click the cover to read issue

The Elk Mountain Mission: The Rise and Fall of Moab’s First Settlement

Summer 2011 | Number 70           

On the Frontier of Failure – The Rise and Fall of the Elk Mountain Mission
by Mark Blanchard

Human Possession: The Native American Slave Trade in Utah
by Michelle L. Mulder

The Walker War: Conflict and Compromise on the Mormon Frontier
by Travis Schenck

A Treasure Lost: Finding the Elk Mountain Mission Fort
by Travis Schenck

A Mountain by Any Other Name


Canyon Legacy Number 71

Click the cover to read issue

Set in Stone: Petroglyphs, Pictographs and Stone Technology of Moab

Winter 2011-12 | Number 71           

Rock Art – The Who, What, Where, When and Why
by Michelle Mulder

The New Stone Age: A Map Through the Trail of Flintknapping
by Greg Nunn

A Mammoth on the Rocks – Ancient Paleontologists
by Travis Schenck

Denis Julien: New Inscription Discovered
by James H. Knipmeyer

Pueblo Country: The Land Itself
by F.A. Barnes

Protecting Our Heritage – Understanding Laws Regarding Artifacts in America
by Travis Schenck

Questions and Answers

Identifying Rock Art: Styles Found in the Moab Area



Canyon Legacy Number 72

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Biographies: Dan O’Laurie, Edward Abbey, Charlie Glass, Verle Green, Addie Maxwell, and more

Winter 2012-2013 | Number 72           

Dan O’Laurie: Moab’s Philanthropist
by Travis Schenck

Verle L. Green: Father of the J-Rig, a Moab Original
by Joshua Kent Green with input from Kelly M. Green

Edward Abbey: A Solitary Visionary
by Julia Lupine

Lydia Adelaide Taylor Maxwell: Moab’s First Business Woman
by Nancy Maxwell Gillette

Charlie Glass: Horseman, Friend, Legend
by Travis Schenck

Sylvia Harris Ekker: Journal of the Girl from Elgin
from the Journal of Sylvia Ekker


Canyon Legacy Number 73

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Colorful Characters: Living Legends of Moab

Fall 2014 | Number 73

Bob Jones: Leader on the River
by Julia Lupine

Serena Supplee: Moab’s Artist
by Sara Galbraith

From the Ground Up: Soil Scientist Jayne Belnap
by Rebecca Bailey

Jacqueline Louise Harvey Fuller: A Living Link to the Past
by Jacynthia Bristol

Lin Ottinger: The Land Itself
by Michelle Mulder

Tim Oscar Martin: The Arch Flying Cowboy
by Jacynthia Bristol and Melissa Palfreyman

Dave Sakrison: Mayor Dave
by Resford Rouzer and John Foster


Canyon Legacy Number 74

Click the cover to read issue

Unique Histories: A Roadmap of Moab

Spring 2015 | Number 74

In Memory of Lloyd M. Pierson
by Lois Jamison

Climbing Legend
by Michelle Mulder

The History of Utah Highway 128
by David H. Vaughn

River Boats of the Green and Colorado Rivers
by Roy Webb

Doc Williams’s Saddlebag and Its Contents
by Merry Lycett Harrison, RH (AHG)

The Tragedy and Trial of John Brown
by Zebulon Miracle

Pioneer Day Ice Cream Social
Museum of Moab Lawn | July 24


Canyon Legacy Number 75

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Uranium Revisited

Winter 2016 | Number 75           

The Uranium Industry in Southeastern Utah
by William Chenoweth

Howard W. Balsley
by Richard Westwood

In His Own Words: Howard Balsley
foreword by David H. Vaughn

Charles Augustus (Charlie) Steen
from the Ninth National Mining Hall of Fame Induction Banquet Program

My Old Man: The Uranium King
by Mark Steen

Happy at Happy Jack
by Dorothy Rossignol

Uranium: 1956
author unknown

Life in an Atomic Energy Commission Camp    
by Nancy Dahl

Reflections on the Uranium Boom by Two Who Were There
an Interview with Jimmie Walker and James Tibbetts

Maxine Newell’s Memories of the Boom Years
by Maxine Newell

The Inside Story of the Uranium Reduction Company Mill
by Mark Steen

My Times at the Uranium Reduction Company Mill
by Lewis A. Painter

Hot Rocks Make Big Waves
by Amberly Knight

From the Mine to the Mill
a photo essay


Canyon Legacy Number 76

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Moab: Then and Now

Winter 2017/Spring 2018 | Number 76           

A photo essay