Oral Histories

William D. McDougald


Bill McDougald

Interviewed by: Jean McDowell February 2002 at Moab, Utah



Q: What were your parents like?

A: They were basically farmers. They started out farming and they were born and raised in East Texas. They moved to New Mexico later on. They got caught up in a blizzard somewhere around the time of WWI and Dad had 300 head of cows or something like that and he was wiped out two winters in a row there down by Roswell, New Mexico. So they went back to the panhandle of Texas and we lived there by Wellington for a number of years and we moved to Utah in 1939.

Q: How old were you then?

A: I was 12 or 13.

Q: So you grew up in Moab?

A: I was in the 6th grade when I moved here and then that was back in the spring of the year and then I graduated. I went to a special summer quarter in San Diego High later on in 1944 so I could graduate and go into the Air Force early and then they closed the Cadet program. I spent three and a half years in the Air Force and then later on I took ROTC at the University of Utah and became a lieutenant which I served a total of eleven days as. That was my military fling. The reason for that was we had the right to finish our degrees. They called me in by mistake in 1951. By the time I graduated in ’52 or ’53 the Korean War had settled itself back and so I was free to go again.

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