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Livestock built this city

Stephan Zacharias giving AgTour

Walking Tour

Throughout 2023, the Museum offered a one-hour guided tour of Moab's Historic Business District, by appointment on Saturdays.

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The Legacy of Agriculture

Experience the legacy of Agriculture in the city of “The Far Country.”

Join Museum Staff for this 1-hour guided tour of Moab’s Historic Business District.

During this 1-mile guided experience, guests had the opportunity to learn and explore the legacy of some of the men and women who helped establish and build up the city of Moab, Utah through their investments in the community and their civic leadership. This guided tour, led by museum staff, focused on Moab’s fascinating and seldom told, pre-uranium history. This tour experience delved into the agricultural history of Canyon Country, following the experiences of over a dozen men and women who made a go of it on Indian Creek, creating community, raising livestock and families, who would later help establish the City of Moab, using that same grit and love of community here.

This experience is currently NOT RUNNING IN 2024. But, please get in touch with the Moab Museum at or at (435) 259-7985 for more information regarding one-offs of the tour. Discounts apply to groups of 10 or more. 

Indian Creek Stockmen Emigration Map - From where did the stockmen of Indian Creek emigrate prior to their time in Southeast Utah?

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