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Edd & Isabelle Provonsha

Edd & Isabelle Provonsha


This history was written by Isabelle Provonsha about 1978 and a copy was bequeathed to Danial Provonsha’s wife, Lelis. This transcription is an exact copy of Lelis’s copy. It has not been edited for spelling and is assumed to be in the original form as written by Isabelle Provonsha; however, the original typist is unknown. This typed copy was done by Detta Dahl (Moab, Utah) on March 25, 2002.



Edd was born in Antigo, Wisconsin, and came west when he was 13 years old. The family settled in Orchard, Colorado. From there, they went to the Grand Junction area, where he met his wife, Isabella. About a year later, on Aug. 2, 1914, he came to La Sal. They were married Aug. 18, 1914, sixty-one and a half years ago. They lived at La Sal for a good many years. His father-in-law acquired the mail contract from Moab to Monticello in May 1915, to 1917. Three people handled the mail; first with horses, and light wagons. Then they got a Ford car, and later two Buick trucks. By 1918, he had cleared 100 acres sage- brush land with a grub hoe. Isabella would rake it into win rows with a team, and hay rake. We would burn it at night. The land was put into pasture and other crops. In 1919 to 1923, he leased the place and moved to Montrose, Colorado, where he sold Dodge cars for Hartman Brothers. They called him the Cowboy Salesman, because he wore a big black Stetson hat and boots. He sold more Dodge cars than any other salesman on the Western Slope of Colorado. He won two contests, one a trip to Denver with a cash prize, and the other a trip to Detroit where he met the Dodge head men, and also met Will Rogers. He and Rogers sang a song together.

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