Grand County Ghost Towns

The Moab area is dotted with numerous ghost towns - communities that came into existence due to mining, ranching, and transportation needs. The communities later depopulated due to changing economics, environment, and infrastructure. The Museum’s archives include a historic postcard that was delivered to the remote community of Miner’s Basin high in the La Sal Mountains in 1904 – join Museum staff to trace the postcard’s path through Grand County, while exploring the fascinating stories of several of the area's ghost towns.

Each Tuesday from mid-September through the end of October 2023, Museum staff offered an in-gallery program on Grand County ghost towns. Grand County Ghost Towns features stories from the towns of Cisco, Dewey, Richardson, Castleton, and Miner's Basin.

Map of Grand County with a 1904 post card mailed to Miners Basin. Guests will trace this post card's path up to the now depopulated town during Grand County Ghost Towns – a weekly in-gallery program, Tuesdays at 11am.