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Find annual updates from the Moab Museum team and learn how we continue to work towards our mission: to share stories. We seek to educate and inspire our community about the cultural and natural history of Moab and the Canyonlands region. We do so while maintaining our vision to change how we see the world around us, from here to beyond, for everyone who calls here home or is just passing through, building pride, compassion and humility along the way.

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In 2022 the Museum continued to strengthen its ability to share stories, improve stewardship of, and increase community access to, the artifacts, specimens, oral histories, archives, textiles, and ephemera entrusted to our care. We celebrate the following accomplishments of the past year and enter 2023 looking forward to sharing more Big Stories in new ways.

Updates from the year include:

  • Team growth and community leadership
  • Progress towards the Museum's Collections Storage Facility
  • Exhibition Highlights including community-curated special exhibits
  • Member-specific programming and events


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