Oral Histories

Inalyn Meador


Bill & Inalyn Meador

Interviewed February,2004, in Moab, UT, by Jean McDowell


Q: Did you come here when you were five? 

A: I was six when I came here from Blanding.

Q: Okay, just tell me about you.

A: I was born in Blanding, Utah. My father worked down at Indian Creek. He was the head manager on the ranch down there for a number of years when I was little. Then he bought the South Mesa Ranch there on the La Sal Mountains. It was the big mesa that you can see from Moab. We moved there two summers before we moved to Moab. We moved to Moab the night before I started First Grade. I’ve mostly lived here ever since. 

Q: What building did you go to for first grade?

A: We were on Center Street. All the schools at that time were in that one building which is the old junior high now. And there wasn’t the new gym west of it then. There was the library north of it and we had study hall. Over in that building, there was the front part that was the big library and we’d go over there for study hall. But there was also a little room for the county health nurse.

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