Oral Histories

Bill Meador


Bill Meador

Interviewed February, 2004 in Moab, UT, by Rusty Salmon


Q (Rusty): Let’s start by going back to when and where you were born. Tell me a little bit about your folks first. 

A(Bill): My folks had a very interesting history. My father was the product of a Baptist family from Arkansas and my mother was a child of a pioneer Mormon family that came through the Hole-in-the-Rock; a very odd combination, actually, in religious backgrounds. They met in Monticello when my father was assigned to that district as a Forest Ranger after his departure from the Army, following World War I. They moved to Moab in 1927. My father opened a real estate and insurance business. They had two children at that time: my sister, Donna, and my older brother, Junior. I was born in 1933, the last of the brood.

Q: What was your Dad’s full name?

A: Carroll Jasper Meador and my mother’s name was Gwyn Bronson Meador. 

Q: She had been raised in the Monticello area? 

A: Yes, she was raised in Monticello. Her grandfather, Ben Perkins, was the blower and blaster from Wales who engineered the Hole-in-the-Rock road. My Grandfather Bronson had moved from Huntsville, Utah, to Monticello, taking his dad in a wagon covered with blankets to avoid the U.S. Marshals because he was a polygamist. My grandfather and my great-grandfather moved to Monticello, one of the first eleven families to move to Monticello. He met my grandmother there and started their family. I have all of the Mormon history and the Southern Baptist history; very interesting family histories.

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