Oral Histories

Inalyn Meador


Bill & Inalyn Meador

A: Bill and I both went to all of our elementary school here in Moab. Right in that one building first through twelfth grade. Football games and PE were across the field. We had the old tennis court there. During the boom times, they did use the DUP hall for Second Grade classes. I think they held 2 classes up in the back, they divided that and they had to practice going out the windows until they got that back door put in. They had one class downstairs and there were two sessions per day. Even when I came to work for Grand County High School, they were in sessions. That’s one thing the boom did. Half the town would go in the morning and half the kids would go in the afternoon until we moved to the new High School.

Q: And then when the bust time came they just had four days of school?

A: They didn’t have enough funds. Bill was superintendent hen and he had to change it to four days to try to save on money. You’ll have to talk to him about that. That was a little after the boom. During the boom they did use the DUP hall; the school owned it at that time. When Hallie was young, they had band out in the DUP hall.


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