Oral Histories

Ferne J. Mullen

b. 1919

Ferne Mullen

Interviewed by Jean McDowell in Moab, June, 2003.


(Ferne’s two daughters, Mary McGann and Pat Mullen are also in attendance.) I will try to identify they as (Mary) and (Pat) during any question/answer period.


Q (Jean): So we’ve got two daughters here. We’ve got Mary McGann and Pat Mullen here. So, Ferne, tell me about yourself.   Where did you grow up?

A (Ferne): I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado.

Q: Just west of Denver?

A: Yes. My father was a farmer and road official. He worked for the county on the highway. They were both born in Colorado.   And, I lived there until I went to nurses training.

Q: Where did you go for nurses training?

A: St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Q: In Denver? So you took nurse’s training in Denver?

A: I did. I got married right after I graduated. And my husband ….

Daughter: What ? I thought you got married while you were in school.

A: I was through school but I had not taken my state boards yet.

Q: How did you meet your husband?

A: I knew him practically all my life.

Q: So, he was from Evergreen?

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