Oral Histories

Audrey McDougald

b. 1928

Audry McDougald

A: No, he wasn’t. He was the mayor for only four years. This happened much later.

Q: But he was in on the idea of having it? (pointing to the picture in the book regarding Ken’s Lake)

A: Right. He was the organizer. The lake is named after Ken (Ken’s Lake). The Army Corps of Engineers came to work on the project. This picture shows the beginning when it was just getting started. 

Q: I gather that this Ken’s Lake-Mill Creek was part of a proposed bigger dam. A whole area dam like up by Dewey Bridge?

A: Well, at first they were going to build a Mill Creek Dam and they were going to build it over here at the head of the left and the right hand of Mill Creek. That’s where the dam was first proposed. But then there was a dam failure somewhere in Idaho and it was a very devastating flood, so the committee decided no, they could not build the dam where it could flood a great number of people. So they planned to build the dam up in the valley where it is today.

Q: So they are just diverting the South Mill Creek?

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