Oral Histories

Audrey McDougald

b. 1928

Audry McDougald

Q: Was your husband alive when you built this home?

A: Yes, but then he was killed in a plane crash in 1983. We moved to Kayenta Heights and lived here for three years before he was killed. I’ve lived here since that time.

Q: How old were your children then?

A: The children were grown, in their early thirties. Gil was born in 1953 and Kim was born in 1954. I have a scrapbook, if you would like to see it. In fact, I have two scrapbooks. On book is about building Ken’s Lake and one is about Ken’s personal life.

(Pointing to the pictures and the articles in the scrap book, we continue the interview)

Q: Is this all Ken’s Lake scrapbook?

A: Yes, it is. This section is about the planning and when the bids started coming in.

Q: Are there any pictures of you and your life together?

A: I’ve got a great number of pictures.

Q: Does it mention the Mill Creek project?

A: Yes.

(Pointing to another picture) This is the Citizen of the Year Award. In fact, this was Moab’s first such award and Ken was awarded it.

Q: Was this pretty much his idea? Was he the mayor then?

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