Oral Histories

Audrey McDougald

b. 1928

Audry McDougald

Interview by Jean McDowell, March 24, 2004, in Moab, Utah


Q: Were you born in Moab?

A: Yes, I was, on June 7, 1928

Q: I didn’t realize that. What was your maiden name?

A: My maiden name was Day. Audrey Lee Day was my name.

Q: Did you say you grew up in Moab? 

A: Yes, I grew up in Moab.

Q: Where did you meet your husband?

A: Well, Ken was also a Moab native and he went to high school three years ahead of me. He entered the military service after high school as we were at war. I attended BYU after graduating high school. I spent two years in college and then moved to San Antonio, Texas, to live with my aunt. After the War, Ken visited us in San Antonio a number of times. We were married in 1951.

Q: Did you come back here because of the uranium discovery?

A: No. My husband had returned from military service after World War II. He started a business at that time. We were married in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we came back to Moab to make it our home.

Q: Then you went to Santa Fe to be married?

A: As I was living in San Antonio at the time, I flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then we drove to Santa Fe and were married. Moabites used to drive over to New Mexico because there was no waiting to get a marriage license. We began our married life about one year before Charlie Steen made his uranium discovery. Ken started his petroleum business at that time. We lived on Nichols Lane in Moab for 27 years. In 1979 we built this home in Kayenta Heights Estates.

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