Volunteer Spotlight: Devon Dunajski Creates Canyon Country Colors Display

Why are the rocks red? It’s a question often asked by visitors to Moab, and one that Devon Dunajski has answered often. Dunajski, who has worked seasonally as a ranger at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks since 2020. She loves sharing her knowledge about geology with park visitors at work and with friends when exploring the region off the clock. Recently, she has shared her expertise and enthusiasm for geology with the Moab Museum by creating a temporary display entitled Canyon Country Colors, now on display in the museum’s gallery.

With specimens spanning vibrant reds, pale blues, and fluorescent yellows, Canyon Country Colors explains the kaleidoscope of colors found in rock layers surrounding Moab. Visitors have the opportunity to touch certain specimens, as well as learn how certain minerals have long shaped the human experience on the Colorado Plateau.

Devon Dunajski with the Canyon Country Colors interpretive table.

“I hope this exhibit can show that geology can be an approachable subject. For those without a background in geology, the immense timeline, extreme scales, and the diversity of topics within the discipline can be really intimidating!” Says Dunajski. “When talking about geology, my #1 goal is to show that geology can be a fascinating subject and encourage folks to ask more questions. The more we appreciate our Earth, the better we will treat it.”

The Moab Museum is grateful for a host of volunteers who bring a diversity of experiences and passions to projects at the museum. For information about volunteering at the Moab Museum, please contact info@moabmuseum.org