Dr. Paul and Mary Mayberry

Paul Mayberry

Mary Mayberry and her husband, Dr. Paul Mayberry, relocated to Moab from Phoenix, Arizona, in 1956. Previously, Dr. Mayberry had been interning with Dr. Ekren in Phoenix when he learned of the need for doctors in Moab. Dr. Ekren finished the internship and moved to Moab to alleviate some of the need. Dr. Mayberry stayed behind to complete a four-year surgical residency and was situated afterward to take a position in Central America. Instead, he too relocated to Moab due to need. When the Mayberrys arrived Moab’s hospital was the Grand County Hospital, fashioned out of a house on Center Street, but plans for the I. W. Allen Memorial Hospital were under way. Dr. Mayberry performed surgeries at the Grand County Hospital in the surgical room, which was formerly a dining room, and later designed the layout of the surgery wing at AMH. He became very well known as a surgeon and consequently served a wide base of people in the region that would travel to see him. Mary Mayberry worked as Dr. Mayberry’s office nurse and as the assistant nurse to Hannah Pittman at the hospital.

Dr. Paul Mayberry in service uniform.
Dr. Paul Mayberry's Doctorate of Medicine from George Washington University.