J.A. “Al” Scorup

When cattle was king in southeastern Utah, John Albert “Al” Scorup was the “Cattleman of the Canyons.” At one time his Scorup-Somerville herd was estimated to vary between 7,000 and 10,000 head of cattle grazing on range estimated to cover 1.8 million acres. Scorup served as a San Juan County commissioner and president of Moab’s First National Bank, and represented Grand County on the district grazing board established by the 1934 Taylor Grazing Act.


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Hear Heidi Redd share Al Scorup's journey to becoming the largest public land permittee in US Ranching history.

Hear Bob Baldwin share a memory of Scorup Cattle Company:All traffic stopped for Scorup's cowboys, who  drove the sizable herd north through town on Main Street.

Rancher Heidi Redd remembers Cattleman Al Scorup and the challenges of early life at Dugout Ranch.