Oral Histories

Sam Taylor


Sam Taylor

I’d stopped in Salt Lake before coming to Moab and visited with our primary supplier of paper and printing products and really got acquainted with the manager of Western Paper Company who became a life-long friend. Before I left his office, he said, “We have a little problem at the Times. You owe us ten thousand dollars.” I said, “Have they paid anything on it?” He said, “We haven’t received a check since the lease was broken.” I said, “ Well, I’ll look into it when I get to Moab. I’ll guarantee you one thing; I’ll send you some money every week. It may not be more than fifty dollars and it may be five hundred, but I’ll work this thing out.” He said, “Okay, we’ll shake on it.” And I did; it took me several years to do it, but we got it down. He never did deny me a purchase. At any rate, that first payroll was paid with my mustering-out pay from the army.

Q: The lease people left before you got here, or when you arrived?

A: No, they left 3 months before I got here. And Dad had just let the staff run it.

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