Oral Histories

Sam Taylor


Sam Taylor

Q: A combination of the two names?

A: Uh huh.

Q: Okay, how many kids did your Dad have?

A: Five. I’m the last one.

Q: And who are your brothers and sisters?

A: I had four older sisters. The youngest of the four was six years older than me, so I was pretty much raised as an only child.

Q: Can you give me their names?

A: Oldest was Cecil, then Miriam (she’s the only survivor), then Lorena, named after her father, really, and Sally. And they are all gone now but Miriam and she’s 84, living in Boise. We visit on the phone often.

Q: You say you were raised almost as an only child. Tell us about growing up.

A: Well, I didn’t have a mother; I had 5 mothers. 

Q: Where were you living at this time with your family?

A: We had a big home on Second East, between First and Second North. Still there now, the current owners have totally restored it. It’s a beautiful old home. They are landscapers by profession and they have made a real show place out of it. It’s on a huge lot – quarter of a city block. So I was raised in old town Moab. Born here – in the hospital – where the Canyonlands Inn now stands and delivered by old Doc I.W. Allen.

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