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Sam Taylor


Sam Taylor

Q: What year would this have been?

A: It would have been about turn of the Century. He wanted to sell the paper and get out of it because he had other fish to fry. Clarence was a very bright man. He was of the firm opinion that a community without a newspaper was not a total community and he didn’t want to see the newspaper fold. So Clarence bought the newspaper from J.N. Corbin but Robertson was terribly busy as the county’s only attorney. So when Dad was 18, Clarence turned the operation over to him. That was in 1911. He was an immediate success, very popular in the community. He was asked by the Republican Party to run for the Legislature. But he wasn’t old enough to vote. He did have a 43-year stint as editor/publisher and was deeply involved in politics during that time.

Q: At that point, when Robertson bought the newspaper, was that when they changed the name from Grand Valley Times? When did that occur?

A: No. That was in the 1910 to 1920 era by the owners of the newspaper. It was owned by a corporation because Dad didn’t have any money to buy it and they just hired him as editor. The same people that owned the newspaper also owned the First National Bank of Moab of Utah. A year or two later, a new bank opened called Moab State Bank. They didn’t like the idea that the newspaper was owned by their competitor. So they convinced a young man named H.W. Cherry to start a rival newspaper here called the Independent. Well, there wasn’t enough business in Moab at that time for one newspaper, let alone two. Cherry realized that a year or two later and then the Moab State Bank closed its doors. It went broke. So Dad bought Cherry out and that’s where the Times-Independent came from.

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