Oral Histories

Sam Taylor


Sam Taylor

Q: So it’s in much better shape than the Balsley cabin over by the DUP hall?

A: Oh yes, and five times as big. Interestingly enough, Ponderosa logs that were used to build it, and we’d cut in to add a window here and something there. The cabin was built in 1881, and those logs looked terrible, but when we got ½ inch into them, they looked like they’d just been cut, just beautiful things. 

Q: Can we get a little background on your dad because he was quite the outstanding editor/publisher of the area also?

A: He was kind of orphaned at age 13 when his mother passed away. There were eleven kids in the family, and he was kind of the middle of the bunch. From age 13 on, he was pretty much on his own. He only had one year of Junior High School, I think. So he was cut loose, and the first job he had that I know anything about, was riding the mail from Moab to Cane Springs where the Hole in the Rock is now. There he would meet a rider from La Sal and they would exchange mail packets. I don’t know if he had that job too long. He did spend one year driving the mail stage from Moab to Thompson with a stop at the half way house.

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