Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. And that was in Idaho? What town?

A. Jerome.

Q. You were just outside of Jerome, Idaho?

A. Yes. Then we moved to town, into Jerome, into a little cabin. It was just a one room cabin, but it was comfortable.

Excerpt from The Early Years of Ruby Ray:

Dad got a pair of old link springs with a frame on them. He put casters on it and rolled it under the bed. Vern and I slept on it at night. They rolled it under their bed in the day time. We didn’t have much. Mother had a sewing machine and they bought a new chiffonier, a tall dresser with a little mirror. They called it a chiffonier. They bought an Aladdin lamp and we had that before we left Idaho, but we never had a good lamp after that. We just had coal oil lamps. (With the Aladdin lamp) you pumped them up and they had a round wick and it made a bright light like lanterns do. It had a tall chimney and a globe on it. I guess they sold it before we left Idaho, because we didn’t ever have it after that.

Back to the DeLong interview:

I went to the second and third grades, while we were there. I remember the teacher’s names were Miss Gadow, second grade, and Miss Arps. As soon as school was out, we left and came back to Utah. Mother couldn’t stand the climate there. She couldn’t stand to be around any alfalfa or hay. She’d be deathly sick with asthma and the doctors told Dad to get her out of that country or he wouldn’t have a wife for very long. So, he fixed up a covered wagon, a nice covered wagon, and got another horse. He always had old Daisy. He got another horse to go with her, and hooked up that covered wagon. I hadn’t seen it, but I went to school to get my report card and got home early. They had the wagon loaded and were sitting in the seat waiting for me to come so they could leave.

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