Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

I went to school in Wellington in a little building up high on a hill. It was a long climb up there. It burned down later. They built a new school house down on the level of the ground. I went to school in Wellington until Christmas, when Dad decided to go to Idaho.

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Uncle Charley had a little place to live and we went right out there late at night. There wasn’t any transportation and he wasn’t there to meet us. Mother had to hire a buggy to take us out to Uncle Charley’s. But the man had another customer to take some place first, so we had to wait in the depot ‘till he got back with the outfit. I think he had a spring buggy. The depot man gave us, Vern and I, a little box of stick candy. It was just a little bit bigger than a toothpick box. We were so tickled at it. Vern was just little, about three, I guess.

We got out to Uncle Charley’s on Christmas Eve. They hadn’t planned on it and Mother hadn’t either, so they didn’t have much for Christmas. I got a little set of pots and pans that were child-sized, from what Dad had for samples; also a ball of something that Aunt Tina shared with us. Course we had candy and stuff. It was a nice Christmas. I went to school there the rest of the winter. It was just a little one-room school house with all the grades together.

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