Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. So there were quite a few years there between John and when you met Orville?

A. There were eight years between John and Orville. So I chased around and spent time with different ones of the kids. Spend one year in California with Wade.

Q. Bet you had a pretty nice eight years there after all those years with Clarence and John. You deserved those eight years.

A. My dad come back. Hell he was eighty-two when he went down to Baja somewhere and bought two acres on an island twenty miles off the coast, and built a house and a dock and some boardwalks. They he sold it and come back to Phoenix and called me and let me know he was in Phoenix. So I went down to Phoenix and got him and brought him up to Utah, and took him down to Cottonwood to visit Perry. He bought a little trailer. He wouldn’t stay with me in Moab, ‘cause he didn’t think my kids liked him, or something. He wouldn’t stay. I took him down to Perry, ‘cause I didn’t want him to be alone. Perry is my nephew.

Well, he bought a trailer and stayed there. I moved a little trailer I had in Winslow. I had it here, and Eva Lou’s husband wanted to use it. He come up and got it so it was at Winslow. I had it moved back down to Cottonwood. Dad moved there by me, and I could look after him.

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