Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. So you spent a lot of your life at LaSal, off and on?

A. Yes, cooking at the ranch house and cooking in the café.

Q. So during the years that you worked in different jobs, after John and before Orville, did you have other boy friends that you liked, just not enough to marry?

A. No. I didn’t go out much. I was too busy. I still had quite a family.

Q. But you loved to dance back then.

A. Never had a chance. I didn’t have a chance to dance until I met Orville. He was a dancing fool.

Q. He was dancing fool, was he? So where did you meet Orville, in LaSal?

A. No. I went down to see Andrew and Eva Lou in Arizona. Andrew was in Tucson. I went and took care of her kids while she worked. And then I went down to Tucson and helped Andrew out for a winter or two. They were having a real hard time. He wasn’t getting any benefits yet, and couldn’t work. His wife was working and they were living in a little tiny trailer and hard up as hell, and his pickup was broke down. So I went down there and let him use my pickup. Bought groceries for the family and helped them out through that winter.

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