Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

A. I went to LaSal and cooked at the café. Wade went to work in a filling station and went to school in Monticello.

Q. And then John was gone?

A. I didn’t have any idea it was a permanent split-up. I’d come down, clean the house up, and cook something for him anytime I had a little time off. John stayed in town. He had son there.

After that I went up to LaSal, he come up there one time and took me for a little ride. He asked me for Mother’s address. He said, “I want to get her a box of candy,” but his voice broke when he said it. So I gave him the address, but I wouldn’t ride home with him. I walked back to the café.

Q. So then you went to LaSal and just worked up there until you met Orville?

A. No, I worked up there for a while. Then I worked at the hospital as a cleaning lady. The people who were just starting that garage up there come down and asked me if I would go up there and run the café. They offered me a pretty good job, so I quit the hospital and bought a big trailer and went up there. That was back to LaSal, and Wade was going to high school in Monticello.

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