Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. How old was John? Was he a lot older than you?

A. I think he was eleven years older. I didn’t realize what was going on, but Ross told me. She was cooking dinner for him, and John and she had three hamburgers with the potatoes, so he had to go home and eat.

Q. Did your mom live with you until she passed away?

A. It’s a sad story, but John raised hell about Wade having a little company ‘cause he’d never put up with anything that Wade did. Wouldn’t let him play his record player. Wouldn’t let him do anything. And Wade never asked him for a quarter. He went and shined shoes at the barber shop to get spending money, ‘cause he wouldn’t have accepted it if John offered it to him. John was afraid I’d give Wade a dime and he wouldn’t give me any spending money. The first year we were married, he went down to the store every week and bought twenty dollars worth of groceries. I had a pretty good start on that. Then he got tighter than hell. Then he got so he give me ten dollars every Monday morning for groceries. There was Kay and Wade, and my dad was there most of the time. John and I had to eat. One week he gave me $2.46, and one week he told me he didn’t have any money. I cut his and Wade’s hair and now, if I could have a hair set we could all look nice. But he never give me any money for a haircut. If I was a poor working widow, I wouldn’t feel too bad about going to Sunday school without hose, but when I’m married to somebody that thinks they’re the richest man in town, and I can’t afford a pair of stockings, that’s bad. But he didn’t give me any money to buy a pair of stockings. He was just tighter than bark on a tree.

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