Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. I can’t believe you stayed with him that many years.

A. Oh, I was a good Mormon. I thought that I had to have the marriage to have my kids in the next world. Now it doesn’t matter. They’re growing up on their own. And I don’t want the ones ahead of me telling me what to do.

Q. You want to do what you want to do. What do you want to do?

A. I don’t want anybody judging me.

Q. We live and learn, don’t we?

A. I don’t know if we learn or not.

(There is another break in the tape. Starts abruptly.)
Ross came down from Salt Lake for Christmas vacation and put wainscoting around inside of the house and sheetrock out side.

Q. Was John (Shafer) angry that you were angry that you were adding a room?

A. He didn’t seem to be, didn’t say anything. But my mother was there and he said, “And she thinks I’m going to help put heat in.”

Q. Did he not want your mother there?

A. No, he had a real crush on Mother. They were having a helluva good time. But when I had to take Mother in, he had such a fit. We got the room finished. Dixie and Ross came up to watch television on Mother’s television, ‘cause they were used to having it in Salt Lake. And they came up to watch television this one evening. Wade had two or three boyfriends in the kitchen and they had a Warshaurke (sp?) catalog. That’s a car parts catalog. They were talking about car parts and what they needed for what they were doing. They didn’t make a loud noise. They didn’t talk loud or anything, but it was summertime, and it was hot. John could hear them. He went to bed, but he could hear those boys talking. Next morning he got up madder ‘n hell and he “wasn’t puttin’ up with all that shit.” We had to have that air conditioning, and those kids in the kitchen were bothering him. So, I went up to LaSal and got a job.

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