Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

(There is a break in the telling and then it starts right off)
. . . .I made two bedspreads, about this long and this wide, you know. I pieced them together and made one bedspread out of it. I’ve got one of them left and gave the other one to my friend who lived up the country. She’s dead now.

Q. You’ve been real creative.

A. If I had to have anything, I had to be creative.

Q. But that’s when we do our best thinking is when we’re the most desperate, you know it?

A. If I hadn’t been able to sew, we’d never had a stitch to our names.

(Another break in the tape and it starts off again.)
And in the spring, Clarence come home and he’d sold the sheep to Charley Red for $3.00 a head. We’d paid $9.00 for ‘em, and he’d sold the sheep to Charley Redd for $3.00 a head. Then he went to work for Charley Redd for $25.00 a month, instead of forty he was getting. And we were living in that little ol’ shack. I can’t remember if it was before Lenore was born, or not. It was later, but anyway he went to work for Charley Redd on about the 28th of May. He took a ten day layoff for the 4th of July and come home with a brand new Stetson hat, cost $8.00. That’s not a lot, but when you’re working for $25.00 a month, it’s quite a bit. It always took $5.00 a month for his tobacco. When he come home with that new Stetson hat, a quart of whiskey, and some damn firecrackers, and not a damn penny in his pocket for us to eat on, or for anything else the kids might need, I was not amused. Can you believe it?

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