Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. How many dolls did you make like that?

A. I made enough for all my kids and a couple of friends. I can’t remember, eight or ten.

Q. Well, I remember a few years ago when you were buying dolls at yard sales and decorating them up. I think you made about twenty, didn’t you; and gave away to your grandchildren?

A. I got the dolls, but I don’t think I got ‘em dressed. I gave one to Kay’s granddaughter in the wheelchair. She can’t talk. She can’t do anything. She can make a sound, but she can’t say anything. She can look please and happy, and she was so pleased to get that doll. I dressed it in the dress I made for Vicki when she was little. This is Kay’s and Judy’s granddaughter. She was born that way. She’s thirteen now and she’s pretty hard to handle. Her daddy has to carry her every place. She lives in Orem, I think. They come down for Christmas and maybe the fourth of July or something. I give her that little doll and she was so tickled with it. I was making a white and lavender afghan. I had just finished it and her mother said, “That’s her colors,” so I gave it to her and she was so tickled.

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