Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. How long did you live there?

A. Oh, I don’t know. We moved to Tropic one year when my dad was there. Clarence got Lucien to show him the house. And we lived there. We rented a two bedroom house. Dad had a coal mine outside of town, about five miles. I took care of Mother’s two girls who were in school; Jenny and Wanda. Wanda was a year younger than Dixie, and Dixie was nine and Jenny was thirteen. They took turns doing the supper dishes. When Jenny did ‘em, she put all the kettles in the warming oven behind the stove so Dixie would have to do them when she did the dishes.

And then after school had been going a while, we kept the girls in school and Mother stayed out with Dad at the mine. I had all those kids to take care of. In about October, Jenny and Wanda had the itch. My kids got it, so we had to doctor that. They all had to have a bath every evening and I had to daub sulfur and lime in lard on their itch spots, and either wash their cloths or hang ‘em out in the sun every day, along with their pajamas and whatever they wore. So I had my hands full. Lenore and Eva Lou were both little, in high chairs. We had two highchairs. We took one with us and there was one in the house, so there was a highchair for each of them and that’s how we managed. Eva Lou would be about a year old and Lenore about four. The house we rented belonged to the people who lived next to us and they had a pretty big apple orchard. We’d picked apples on shares, so we had a big bin full of apples on the porch. We had lots of apples for the winter. Ireta and Sy came over for Christmas. They lived down the country.

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