Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. Oh, boy. And you washed that diaper a lot of times, didn’t you?

A. Well, I had two or three dish towels, of course. And I had several flour sacks, so we got by for a little while, until I could order some flannel to make diapers out of.

Q. I wonder what girls would do today?

A. If they even had to was diapers. They just buy Pampers and it costs about $600 to keep a baby in Pampers in their diaper years. I don’t see how they can afford it.

Q. It seems like today the girls don’t try to help the husbands save and make money. They want to spend everything he brings in. Like we did. We were actually more concerned about saving than spending.

A. Everything is so high, I don’t know how people live any more. But they don’t wear much, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, and everybody’s happy. I guess they get along fine.

Q. After Lenore was born, who was next.

A. Eva Lou. And she was born in the same house. It was across the street from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, First North and Third East, second house from the corner.

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