Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Back to the DeLong interview:

Just before I started school Dad decided to go to Idaho. His brother, Uncle Charley, was in Idaho. I had been there before, but I can’t remember that time. He started out in a one horse buggy and he was selling aluminum cookware. It was pretty new. Everything had been granite up till then, and it was really something. He started canvassing and selling the cookware all along the way to Idaho. I was in the first grade in Wellington, before we left for Idaho. At Christmas time, Mother took us kids on the train and we went to Uncle Charley’s place in Idaho.

Excerpts from The Early Years of Ruby Ray:

We went on the train. We got to Ogden and had quite a layover. They took me over to a little gift shop of some kind and bought me a pair of white moccasins with beads on them. Walking back, it was dark and we were walking across the train tracks in the coal slack. I never remember being in Idaho, but I remember being scared I’d get those slippers dirty.

There’s lots of little remembrances that don’t amount to much. One time Dad was in bed with the blood poisoning and we were living in a tent house in Stores. There was a door come in the front and one going out the back of the tent house. It was just one room. Our horse Daisy come in the front door one time and Mother had to lead her out the back door to get her out of the tent.

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