Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. Did Lucien live in Montana at one time?

A. No, I think he lived in Idaho when his dad died. They came back from somewhere up there. I can’t remember the name of the town, but it’s on the border of Idaho, I think. Anyway, her brothers were in Idaho. When Clarence’s dad died, they took over the ranch and moved back here. They were my mother’s neighbors while we still lived at LaSal.

Q. Did you live up at old LaSal, or down where it is now?

A. Down where it is now, but we lived way down in the valley where the Hecla Mine is. My cornfield was where the light company is now. It’s all grown up to sagebrush now.

Q. You were going to tell me about some of the experiences when you milked the cows.

A. Well, we lived on the ranche for quite a while and it was quite a ways from town. I didn’t know anything about town. We finally moved to town before Lenore was born, and Clarence bought a little old shack that didn’t have any lining in it at all. It was just 2X4s inside, 2X4s on the roof, no sheeting. I had to carry cardboard boxes from town and open them up and tack ‘em up on the walls. I covered the cracks with strips of sheets, so the cracks wouldn’t show and then I took in ironing to get enough wallpaper to wallpaper the inside. But it looked decent and I took in ironing enough to make curtains. The floors were bare, but I scrubbed them with lye and soapsuds and got them nice and shiny and clean. Water ran down through the cracks when I washed. I’d do the laundry on the board, then I’d scrub the wash basin, potty chair, and highchair, besides the floor. I’d usually get the laundry or ironing in and do that the same day. Then I could take or do sewing for people.

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