Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. You didn’t have much housekeeping, did you? The floors were pretty small.

A. Housekeeping wasn’t up to much. I had a pine bough and I’d sweep the floor, what little was left after we rolled the beds up.

Q. I wonder how people would manage if they had to do that today?

A. They probably would if they had to. If they had to, they’d know what it was all about. They couldn’t believe it now.

Q. No. No, they couldn’t. Now they’d run the other way, wouldn’t they?

A. No place to run (in those days). No paved roads or paved sage brush. It wasn’t that hard then, because it was what you were used to, what you expected.

Q. Were all your children born here in Moab.

A. Yes. Dixie is the oldest, then Andrew. Dixie was born in the hospital, and Andrew was born in the house Lucien lived in. It was next to Mrs. Bailey, where Ralphie lives. When Dough was born, Clarence made arrangements with Mrs. Hector to keep me and the two little kids till my baby came. We lived with her for a month, then Doug was born. Then we went back to LaSal and lived at Lucien’s place.

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