Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

(Continued from Courting Years) Then mother had another sick spell and I was home to take care of her for a couple of weeks before Christmas. At Christmas time some charity organization delivered a big box to us with a lot of food and a few toys. Mother and Dad were pleased. I was embarrassed.

Q. Your schooling was by learning experience, wasn’t it?

A. I guess so, I didn’t get much help. I was taking a correspondence course in sewing and I think the books were three dollars. I got through with the books I had, then I couldn’t afford to get the others. I didn’t have any money when I was married.

Q. You must have learned an awful lot from those books. You’ve always been a good seamstress.
Mother wasn’t particularly a good seamstress, but I just had an eye for it I guess. I learned before I opened the books, ‘cause I took in sewing when we first moved to town, before Lenore was born. (Tape changed and new session.)

A. I don’t know where we left off on the other tape, but by this time I’d married Clarence (“Doc”) Tangreen and we were living in a sheep camp.

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