Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. And you put turpentine on it?

A. Yeah, that’s all I knew and that’s all he had.

Q. And it saved the finger?

A. Oh yeah. Well, no, it was cut off and he lost the finger. He found it the next morning, but it was too late. Mother couldn’t take care of it, she couldn’t even start to. Ruby could do it, Ruby can do anything. He told me there was a girl about my age just a couple of farms over, and how to get there. He says, “You can get on that little pony and go see her if you want,” so I did that one day. Her name was Octavia Dubois.

Q. I marvel at how well you can remember names from that long ago.

A. Well, it was such a different name. I’d never heard of Octavia before and I always remembered it.

Q. Now this is while you were in Washington?

A. We were where the wheat belt is over there in Washington, not very far from Oregon. It was in the wheat belt and the threshing was going on. We stayed at his place close to two weeks, before he got the combine. Then there were two or three days of cooking for a bunch of men to feed. After we got a little money, we were on the way again.

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