Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

We lost our suitcase and bed roll off one of the rides we got. The people that found the suitcase found our address in a a letter that was in it and sent it to us.

Back to the DeLong interview:

We got to Spokane, Washington. A trucker picked us up and took us through town to a little town the other side of Spokane. We’d run out of money, so Mother stopped at a store and Post Office and inquired about work. There happened to be a man there that was looking for someone to cook for his harvest crew. It was in the wheat belt. All rolling hills and all wheat. The thrashing crew hadn’t got to his place yet.

He was a widower. He said, “Well, I’ll need a cook for the crew, when I get the combine. I don’t know how long it’s gonna be, but you’re welcome to come out and stay, then I’ll pay you when you begin cooking. It will be four or five days work.”

So he took us out to his ranch. He had a nice home and a piano. I poked on it a little bit to kill time. He said there was a neighbor up there who had a little pony in the garage and he was quite a pet. He said, “You can take this pony and ride anytime you want to.” The night we got out there, he went out to chop his wood and cut his finger off. Mother was petrified. She couldn’t begin to stand the sight of blood. I had to take care of his finger. I wrapped it up and put turpentine on it, and did the best I could. He had to go work everyday, but that finger was pretty bad. I would jump on that little pony and take some bandages to where they were threshing, and dress his finger at noon.

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