Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Mother and I had Jenny. She was two or three, too big to carry and not big enough to walk. We had a suitcase and a couple of quilts in a bedroll. Mother and I walked and walked. I’d carry Jenny and she’d carry the bed roll and suitcase, then I’d carry the bedroll and suitcase and Jenny would walk a ways.

We got two or three short rides, then some people going through Yellow Stone Park gave us a ride. We camped with them at night and they took us to the Montana entrance. We went a couple of days, rolled our quilts out in a bar ditch and didn’t get very far. Then a man picked us up and was very kind. He bought us some snacks and had to make a side trip on this business. He said if we’d wait until he got back he’d take us to the next large town. He was very kind and told us “Hold your hand up, stick your thumb out, let people know you need a ride.” We did better after that.

. . . We went through a redwood tree with the road cut through it, and picked blackberries growing wild along a fence. We got to Mount Vernon, looked up the Fullers and had dinner with them. Went on to Bellingham on the inter-urban. Some of the track was built out in the ocean.

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