Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Dad had heard what a wonderful place Bellingham, Washington was and had written the Chamber of Commerce for information, which sounded wonderful. (About that time,) Clarence came to Wheatland to see me. He asked be to marry him and I excepted and we were engaged. He sent me a diamond ring and a wristwatch. We all left the gate at once, Clarence going back to town to catch a train back home, the rest going the other was (to Bellingham).

We had packed our bedding, dishes, etc., into a big box and shipped them to Bellingham. We were picked up by a flat bed truck and all got to Cheyenne, Wyoming together and stayed in a camp park that night. The next morning we started out together, down a nice street full of houses, Dad in the lead, the rest of us trailing along behind. We met a young lady and her boy friend. I heard the girl say: “What a way to travel.” I stuck my nose in the air, like I owned the town. I’d like to have gone through the pavement.

Dad divided the money he had, $16.50 to me, $16.50 to Mother, $16.50 to him and $7.50 to Vern. He took Ireta and Thelma and caught a freight train. They got there soon without incident. Vern got picked up by the cops as a runaway and had to give them my life-long friend, Jewell Fuller’s name, who lived in Mt. Vernon, Washington. She cleared him with the cops and they let him go.

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