Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

I remember Dad had a little toothpick holder that he got at the World’s Fair right before he left Pennsylvania. I don’t know where the world’s Fair was, but the holder was red and white and it had his name (Lewis) written on it in gold. But Mother lost those dishes. She packed them up in a box and left them in the tent house when we moved to the coal camp (Stores) for the winter. They were gone when we came back. There was a green sugar bowl and cream pitcher, real beautiful, which Mother cherished, you know. It was a real pretty cream pitcher and sugar bowl, light green with flowers on it. It was among the things Mother left packed. The next summer we went back to the tent house and they were gone. Dad took Mother and I and we went over to visit the Greeks that lived close to the dam. I saw Mother’s sugar bowl and cream pitcher in the lady’s window. I kept trying to tell Mother, and she would just say, “Oh, run on and play, I’m talking.” I couldn’t never get to tell her. After we got home, I told her that her pitcher and sugar bowl was in that lady’s window. She said, “Well why didn’t you tell me?” This is like people do, push little kids off.

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