Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

We got that far and Mother called, or wired, Dad. She told him we couldn’t make it any farther with that outfit. We left the horses there to pasture for the winter, and Dad sent us train tickets. It took two or three days for them to come. Mother went up town and bought a little piece of cotton crepe and made me a blouse, then bought me a little skirt to go with it. Vern had overalls that he could wear, but I didn’t have anything but overalls. I couldn’t go on the train with nothing. We got to Lafayette, ‘bout twenty miles out of Denver, and got off the train.

Excerpt from The Courting Years of Ruby Ray:

I continued to correspond with Clarence (Tangreen) after we got to Lafayette. I’d dream when letters came in on the train. I was so homesick for the blue skies and mountains in Utah. The skies were always grey there (in Lafayette).

Back to the DeLong interview:

Dad had a house rented. There wasn’t much in it, just a bed, a stove and a table, so we got by. We stayed there till Christmas, when Dad got out of work. He had sold aluminum and knew how to sell people stuff, so he took a job of canvassing ladies’ wear and men’s socks and stuff. He got me a case, too.

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