Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. That was the only way you could shell the beans?

A. Out of the pods when we got ‘em finished. We had about seventy-five pounds of beans and quite a big stack of shucked corn, all harvested and ready to go. Then we got a letter from Dad saying he wouldn’t send any more money back to San Juan County. If we wanted him to support us, we had to go where he was. He was out of Denver, about twenty miles north. Lucian bought this corn we had shucked, and Mother canned some peaches. Lucian took Vern out to get a load of wood, then took him to Moab and sold the wood. I went to the store and bought a case of fruit jars. We ate some of the peaches carrying them home on the saddles from the store, which is about four miles. Now, what we couldn’t eat Mother canned. She had to sell them to Lucian, too. We got a little money out of it, not much, but it helped us along the trail.

We started out with that darn little buggy. It was like a little wagon and team that they used to deliver milk in. The big old black horse was crippled and the horses didn’t have any shoes on. We started out in October and went as far as old LaSal. We stopped at Lynn Day’s father’s place for the night. Lynn was just a boy ‘bout my age. It snowed six inches. The next morning we had to move out in six inches of snow and go down Paradox Hill. We spent the night at Paradox, where the store is. We had our beds that rolled out on the ground, and Dutch ovens and frying pans to cook in.

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