Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. Ruby, I’ll bet you were scared.

A. Well, I didn’t like snakes, and I’d killed a few of them, but he was asleep and never did wake up. Didn’t think about taking the single tree off the plow to kill him with. I had to walk back to the house and get a shovel. Anyway, I plowed that field and dug a trench to plant the corn in. It was kinda like a cultivator, but just had one blade on it, so we made furrows, and planted the corn. I can’t remember if we borrowed a harrow, but we harrowed it in. Anyway, we planted a field of corn and then had to weed it all summer. I could hoe two rows while Vern hoed half of one. We hoed the corn all summer and got it cut and shucked. We raised quite a good patch of beans. I think we had fifty or seventy-five pounds of beans.

Q. That’s dry beans?

A. Yes. After we got ‘em thrashed, Dad made a flail. It was like a big stick, and he fastened a rubber string along it, then tied another piece of wood, about this long, like a handle. That piece of wood fell flat with that flail, so we got the beans all pulled in on a cart, then hit them with that flail. It did a lot better job than walking on them or anything else we knew of to do.

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