Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

At Leeds we got back on the train. Someone on the train told Dad that there was work in Oasis. So we got off in Oasis and spent the rest of the winter there. We thinned beets all summer, and Dad went to Salt Lake and got a Model T car. We got around in that to different beet fields, to thin beets. We all worked all summer. Mother was pregnant with Jenny, so she didn’t work much. We camped in a little shack and just lived and worked hard. Then we moved on. We got in that little old Model T and started back to LaSal. Had to walk up most of the hills. The car wasn’t running very good and dad didn’t know anything about it. We got to Monticello and the tires wore off. Of course we didn’t have enough money to buy any new ones, or get any second hand ones, so we went on rims and it rained like heck. We all huddled up in the car. Vern got under it and slept on a quilt. We huddled in there until morning. Then Dad walked on up to Bradford’s and got them to come and get us in the wagon. They took us up to their place and come and got us in the wagon. They fed us a good breakfast and took us on to the ranch. There we were.

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