Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

That was the sixth grade. I went a little while in Blanding and then we went to Sego. We were there till Christmas, then Dad got disgusted with the mining company, ‘cause they paid once a month. They give you script to use in the store and charged you double price for everything, then when your check come there wasn’t enough left to be worth while, you know. . . . And Dad was pretty dissatisfied. After Christmas he had enough check to move on.

Dad was funny. We got on the train then and went to Provo. . . . Aunt Stella lived there. We stayed there two or three days, then we took the train to Leeds. I can’t remember, but anyway we went on the train to Leeds, then took the stage to St. George. Leeds was as far as the railroad went. We took the stage to St. George, hauling that big box of harness and all of our worldly goods, which wasn’t much. We got a hotel room and spent the night. The next morning Dad went down and looked around town. And we got back on the stage and went back to Leeds. Dad decided St. George wasn’t the place for him. There was no work

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