Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

When I was in the sixth grade, some friends asked Mother if I could go up and live and go to school at Blanding. They said they would keep me in school and she let me go. I went to school there in Blanding for two or three months. Then Dad decided to move out to Sego to go to work. Mother called me and told me to get on the bus at noon and come to Monticello. She met me and picked me up in a cart. Dad had taken and put a box on the front funning gears of the wagon and it was just a two wheeled cart. We went back to Monticello in that and every time we’d to over a bump, I’d wait for the next one, ‘cause we’d been use to riding in a wagon. Then he put the wagon back together and we went to Sego in the wagon. It took several days, quite a while to get there. Then he turned the horses loose on the desert and left the wagon and kept the damned harness. We had a big old box and kept the harness in that box. Turned the horses loose on the desert, abandoned the wagon and hauled the harness around and you wonder why.

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