Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

There were different little things I remember that happened. One day Dad went to town with some folks in the wagon to get groceries and he came back with a little ring for me and I was so proud of it. I went playing in the dirt and lost it.

Then there was the time he told Mother that grandma so-and-so died. She was just some lady that he knew. I felt just terrible to think there was anybody I could have called grandma and she died before I knew it.

Dad filed on a claim between Price and Sunnyside (a place called Kamo), and my Uncle George and Aunt Jenny had a claim there and it was irrigated. He filed on a claim out there and we lived there in a tent house in the summer for two or three years, then he worked in the mines in the wintertime.

Excerpts from The Early Years of Ruby Ray:
(An oral interview with Wade Tangreen as the interviewer.)
I remember walking hand-and-hand with Nona and Nellie (cousins) out into the trees, and we found a robin’s egg. They finally let me hold it and it broke. They washed my hand off with dirt. I’ll never forget that. Then I remember being in the tent house and I was pulling Vern around in a little wagon when he was able to sit up. I had a little play house. There was a little bit of a granary there and Mother nailed a box up on the wall for me to put my dishes in. The box fell off the wall and the dishes broke. I just had a few memories of being out there.

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