Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Excerpt from The Courting Years of Ruby Ray:

I turned sixteen the summer we were at LaSal. The Tangreen’s had a nice big ranch down the draw a mile or so from our place. Mr. Tangreen died in June. Mrs. Tangreen hired Mother to stay with Collin, who was about eleven, and take care of the chickens, milk the cows, etc.. Lucian had taken over the ranch after his father died and had to go back to Idaho and get his household goods and family. He had a wife and three kids.

Clarence came out to the ranch and brought his horses and was going to Indian Creek to punch cattle. Cowpunchers was the only thing back then. There were the heroes in stories and shows that were all about cowpunchers and how wonderful they were. I thought he was really something. He stayed around awhile, came to see me every night, sang cowboy songs and let me ride his horse. He had a beautiful gray mare that was a single footer, rode like a rocking chair. He left her there on the ranch to pasture and told me I could get her to ride any time I wanted to. I did get her and rode up Summit Point and spent a couple of days with a girl friend. Then I went on down to Ucola and spent a day with Dorothy Rasmusson. (It was) about the nicest time I ever had. Clarence wrote to me from Indian Creek and continued to write. He wrote nice letters.

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